EVIE Has Been Rehomed 🙂

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How cute am I? My name is EVIE and I have been told that I’m veeerrryyyyy pretty… What do you think?

I’m 2 years old and I love to play, and I love to give lots of love ❤ Do you have it in your heart to find some love for me? If you can’t do you know someone who is maybe looking for me?

I am a good girl and know how to sit and other easy stuff… You can teach me more things but you might need to be help me a little bit more than you would other dogs because I don’t hear things very well. Unfortunately I had an ear infection for quite a long time, and although it has been cleared up with medicine it has affected my hearing… It’s probably a blessing in here though, some of these kennel mates can really bark!

I love to play ball with you, but I also enjoy walking… Oh, and people!  I do love people 🙂 I’m not that keen on other dogs and would probably prefer to be your only furbaby but I can live with children aged 5+

So… do you want to see how pretty I am in real life?… because I don’t think this picture captures my best side?

EVIE... A beautiful little girl in need of a special home
EVIE… A beautiful little girl in need of a special home

EVIE at a glance:

  • Aged: 3 years
  • Sex: Little Girl (Bitch)
  • Breed: Staffie X
  • Good with children aged 5+
  • Can dislike some (not all) dogs…  But hey, who likes everybody? 😉
  • Surrendered by previous owner
  • Hearing difficulties