DECLAN Has Been Rehomed 🙂

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I want to say hello to everyone! But mostly I would like to say hello to somebody is going to fall in love with me and take me home 🙂 My name is DECLAN but I’m not sure when my birthday is because I was ‘found’, but my Wellidog family think I’m about two years old.

I am an extremely handsome Staffie (so I keep being told) and you will not find a happier dog than me anywhere I’m sure of it. I like people, other dogs, kids, and ….. did I tell you I like people? I also love walking, running, playing ball, AFFECTION 😉 and water! There’s a little video of me attached so you can see I’m a good swimmer… Fancy a dip? I’ll get my trunks 😀

I don’t like being on my own very much but that might just be because I’m not in my own home. It can get a bit scary when you don’t have anyone to cuddle all night… But I just know that someone is going to fall in love with me when they come and see me and take me home. Please bear in mind though that I might not like being left on my own for tooooo long… I miss you when you’re gone 😦

Declan is ready to go home with you...
I’m coming…! Are you ready to catch me and take me home?

DECLAN at a glance:

  • Aged: Approximately 2 years old
  • Sex: Handsome Little Boy (Dog)
  • Breed: Staffie
  • Good with children aged 5+
  • Good with other dogs
  • Found as a Stray