RUSTY Has Been Rehomed 🙂

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Why doesn’t anybody want me? I just don’t understand 😥 Can you help me understand why I don’t have my own family yet, or even better… Can you help me find one?

Is my hair messy? I’ll let you brush it! Am I too bouncy? I just get excited when I meet people hoping they will like me, but I can be calm 🙂 Am I smelly? I don’t mind a bath! Am I too naughty? I promise I can be good… Just show me what you want me to do! Am I really that un-loveable that nobody wants me? I have enough love for both of us if you will give me a chance, and maybe, just maybe you will let me be your best friend forever (and maybe love me too?) ❤

My name is RUSTY and I’m full of character (so I’m told)… I LOVE to get up to mischief, but I’d much rather have a home and a warm bed with a family who would teach me how to be a good boy… I’m only young so I need a family who wants to teach me how to act all calm like a grown-up pup. Do you have the time train me, and enough space in your heart and home to want me to be part of your family?

I’m about 14 months old and have already spent my first birthday without a family… I’ve spent quite a lot of my life in kennels so far, and although they love me here at Wellidog, please don’t make me stay here for too long… I’ve asked Father Christmas for a family so I keep wishing that he’s listening… I’ve heard that he makes dreams come true if you wish hard enough 🙂

I’m not very big so won’t get in your way as I’m a Terrier X (or did they say terror ??? haha) and I’m happy to love you forever if you’ll let me?

Do you think you have it in your heart to give me a home? I’ve forgotten what it’s like to have one of those… 😦 I don’t know why nobody wants me… Do you?

RUSTY - A cheeky little Terrier X who is just full of character
RUSTY – A cheeky little Terrier X who is just full of character

RUSTY at a glance:

  • Aged: Approx 14 months
  • Sex: Playful Little Boy (Dog)
  • Breed: Terrier X
  • Children 5 +
  • High energy dog who would be happy to live with a dominant female