Hello everyone…  My name is WILSON and I’ve been here at Wellidog for waaayyyy too long. Not that I’m complaining because everyone here loves me very much, and I love them. I only really have one problem and that is that people forget to treat me like a dog, because I am a dog you know… You can love me (I quite like that) but you can’t let me on the furniture because then I start to think that it’s mine, and I’m not very good at sharing… I know, it’s naughty, but I just can’t help myself.

I didn’t have a very good life before I came to Wellidog, and when I was found I was covered in cigarette burns which hurt a lot, but they don’t hurt me anymore… I’m a Beagle X Labrador and still young at only 5-6 years old and what I really need is a strong owner that I can look up to and take me for lots of walks. I REALLY love walking 🙂

I do need to know that I’ve got a good leader so that I don’t feel the need to take over though. If you’re used to having a dog rather than a companion to watch DVD’s snuggled on the sofa with then I’m your man 😉

I’m such a calm and laid back boy who likes nothing more than a cup of tea in the morning 🙂

It would be better if I’m your only dog though, and if you want a dog who wants to look up to you, then I could be just the one for you! So please, come and find out for yourself… I’m waiting 🙂

I'm WILSON and I'm coming to find you. Are you looking for me?
I’m WILSON and I’m coming to find you. Are you looking for me?

WILSON at a glance:

  • Needs a special home
  • Aged: Approximately 5-6 years old
  • Sex: Handsome Boy (Dog)
  • Breed: Beagle X Labrador
  • Children 10+ only
  • Good with some dogs but needs to be re-homed as an only dog
  • Found as a Stray