Animal rescue is all about caring, compassion and dedication and we are so proud of our Wellikids who are our next generation of dog rescuers!

This page is dedicated to our wonderful Wellikids who work very hard for us and our dogs. They are an absolute credit and give up their own free time to come and support us at dog shows as well as the kennels.

Our Wellikids come from all walks of life, with very different backgrounds, and work so well as a team. For their own, and our dogs safety they have to adhere to very strict rules.

We are very proud of our Wellikids and their compassion for our dogs. They turn up to help whether its sunny and warm, or pouring down with rain and bitterly cold. Their commitment is outstanding!


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If you are interested in working with animals, aged 14+ and would like to join us as a Wellikid you will need to come and need to come and visit us. Why don’t you pop down on a Saturday for an informal chat and a look around. You must be accompanied by a parent(s).

You should also be aware of the following rules. They must be observed at all times.


Rules for Wellikids

  1. No Wellikid is permitted to enter a dog’s kennel whilst the dog is present
  2. No Wellikid is to get a dog in or out of the kennel
  3. Wellikids must behave in an appropriate manner. (NO RUNNING IN KENNELS, SCREAMING OR SILLY BEHAVIOUR)
  4. All Wellikids must wear high viz waist coats at all times whilst on kennel grounds.
  5. No Wellikids (unless supervised) are permitted in the back kennels
  6. No Wellikids are to liaise/advise visitors. (You must inform a member of staff if visitors arrive asap)
  7. Wellikids must not comment on Wellidog’s behalf on social networking sites. (You must refer the comment/post to kennel staff or Trustees only)
  8. No Wellikids are permitted to walk dogs off lead
  9. Wellidogs operate a zero tolerance on bullying; if found to be bullying a member of staff or fellow Wellikid you will be asked to leave… Permanently!
  10. Wellikids must be in pairs at all times (unless approved by an appropriate member of staff)
  11. Any Wellikid found in possession of alcohol, drugs or smoking on the premises will be asked to leave and their parents will be contacted immediately

These rules are in place for your own safety, the welfare of our dogs, and to protect our charity. We have to respect that there are other businesses in the area that may also be affected by nuisance behaviour.

Any Wellikid seen to be abusing these rules will be given a warning. If this results in an incident affecting your safety or others, it will be referred to the Kennel Manager and Trustees who will decide what course of action should be taken.

Wellikids are welcome on Saturdays ONLY unless arrangements have been made directly with the Kennel Manager.

Parents and Wellikids are asked to sign a copy of the rules before being allowed to volunteer.