Our dedicated (but obviously bonkers) supporters Gemma and Jon Newsham are doing the Iron Run on 3rd October to raise funds for our Wellidogs 🙂

We are so very lucky to have such crazy supporters and want to help them raise as much money as possible to help them help our dogs. Whatever little you can give is always appreciated, and it all adds up! …so if you can, please sponsor them to thank them for putting themselves through such a gruelling and filthy experience for such a good cause!

Thank you Gemma and Jon, and Good Luck for the event from everyone at Wellidog!

If you want to sponsor them please click the Iron Run image below to go directly to Gemma’s GoFundMe page.

Iron-Run Logo

Thank you all for your ongoing support… We wouldn’t be able to help the dogs we do without you ❤

“So, I’ve decided to torture myself by entering the Iron Run (and I’ve made my husband join too!) on the 3rd October to raise donations for the fabulous dog rescue charity Wellidog (Wellingborough Dog Welfare).

Wellidog are my local dog rescue charity and they work tirelessly to help the many abandoned, unwanted and often abused dogs entering kennels every day. They are committed to finding loving homes for all of the dogs that come into their care and are a no-kill shelter who believe that second hand dogs make first class friends. We try and help out where possible by dog walking, collecting bedding and donating but we’d really like to help them out more with the vets bills and food costs which are never ending! We are also parents to a Wellidog, the beautiful Billy (see profile pic!) who was abandoned and struggling badly with being in the kennel environment. We took him for walks, then fostered him to give him a break and help find him a home……but he never left!! He stole our hearts.

We really hope you can support us in our mission to raise some funds for this fabulous charity who really do need every donation, not matter how small. Every penny counts. If you’d like to find out more about Wellidog and the work they do please see their website, www.wellidog.org.

We appreciate your support! I’m already feeling slighty sick about participating in the Iron Run……I’m not entirely sure why I had this moment of madness but now we’re committed so no backing out…! When I’m ten minutes in and wondering why I’m cold, wet, tired and facing another hour or so I’ll think about the dogs and the donations!!”

Gemma Newsham, 2015