COSMO Has Been Rehomed 🙂

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Hello everybody… My name is Cosmo, and at 18 months old I’m just a baby really…

I’m not really sure what I did to end up with no home, but I do have a temporary one here at Wellidog while they try to find me a ‘forever family’. Do you know what a forever family is? I’ve heard a lot about them, but I don’t know what one is, and it does sound really nice… I think I would quite like one of those 🙂

I’ve been living here in kennels for quite a while now, but because I’m just a baby I’m adapting to the life I have, rather than the life I COULD have… Maybe it could be with you?

It would appear that I can’t find anybody who wants me, and I just don’t know why 😦 …I mean, have you noticed how gorgeous I am? 😉

Kennels are not really the best place for a young lad like me who needs to be active, so maybe you could foster me while we are still looking for someone to love me forever? Maybe you will even fall in love with me and let me stay? 😉 But I would just like someone to show me what being with a family is like before I get much older… Would you even consider helping me if I promise to try and learn everything?

I’m a Collie X so I like to be active physically and mentally, and would love to do anything you want to do (apart from ‘nothing’ lol). I love meeting new people, playing ball, looongggg walks, running, but most of all I love affection ❤ There’s not much I don’t like, in fact I’m struggling to think of anything!

I haven’t really received much training, so I’d be better off in a Collie savvy home, and preferably one without children… It would be great if you are happy to get out and about with me and help me learn… Does this sound like you?

COSMO - Just LOVES to be active!
COSMO – Just LOVES to be active!

COSMO at a glance:

  • Aged: 18 months
  • Sex: Simply Gorgeous Little Boy (Dog)
  • Breed: Collie X
  • Preferably no children 15+
  • Suitable to be re-homed with other dogs or pets
  • Surrendered by previous owner