TERENCE has left Wellidog to start a new life with his new family 🙂  Good Luck Gorgeous Boy ❤

Did you know that wrinkles are meant to be “engraved smiles”? Well, that’s certainly true of me as I’m a happy, loving and playful boy  My name is TERENCE and I’m approximately 6-7 years old and I’m looking for a forever home with someone who understands how special I am.

I’m really happy that the lovely people at Wellidog are looking after me because I haven’t been looked after very well before I got lost. They make sure that I am being fed properly, so I’m putting some weight back on, and they have taken me to see the doggie doctor to arrange getting me all the help I need to get my beautiful smile back 😀

So… Now I’m looking for a home and a family who will make me feel safe and loved so that I never have to go hungry again. At Wellidog they’re still trying to work out whether I’m a shaved Chow Chow or a Shar-Pei, but I’m keeping them guessing for now… It’s fun 😉

I will need a family who doesn’t have any kids who are little, so aged 10 or more would be perfect! Not because I am mean, but because these laughter lines play havoc with my eyesight and I don’t want to knock them over or anything…

I’d love it if you could come and visit me at Wellidog if you think I could be the dog for you… I’ve heard a lot about ‘home’ and would love one of my own where I feel safe and loved; and my belly is always as full as my heart ❤

TERENCE is a happy handsome fella who needs a loving home...
TERENCE is a happy handsome fella who needs a loving home…

TERENCE at a glance:

  • Aged: 6-7 years
  • Sex: Beautiful Boy (Dog)
  • Breed: Shaved Chow Chow / Shar-Pei (It’s secret for now 😉 )
  • Children 10+
  • OK with other dogs, but supervised introductions at Kennels only