LIBBY Has Been Re-homed 🙂

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LIBBY at a glance:

  • Aged: Approximately 2-3 years
  • Sex: Beautiful Bouncy Girl (Bitch)
  • Breed: Boxer X American Bulldog
  • Good with older children (10+) as she’s quite strong and bouncy!
  • To be an only dog, or can live with a submissive male
  • Found as a stray

Hello…  Is anyone there? Oh THEEERRRRREEEEE you are 🙂

My name is LIBBY and I would LOVE to have a home to call my own before Christmas… Please don’t leave me here or Santa just won’t know where I am! I’m at Wellidog in Grendon, but how on earth will he find me with so many other lovely doggies here?!

Before I came to live here I was lost and didn’t have anywhere to live… I have some babies somewhere but I don’w know where they are anymore. I guess maybe my old family liked them more than they did me 😦

I’m about 2-3 years old and I’m a Boxer X American Bulldog so I’m pretty strong for a girl… Take me for a walk without my Halti and you will see what I mean 😉 But I’m sure I could walk nicely if you teach me how to… My most favourite things to do are bouncing and playing; so if you like to do these things why don’t you come and see if we could do it together? It’s really good fun, but maybe not so much fun if you have younger children 😉

Other dogs are ok, but it would be better if I was the only dog in the house… I may be able to live with a submissive male, but there aren’t many of those around these days are there! 😉 Haha. If you have one of those, why don’t you bring him down for a play date and see how we get on? I’ll just wait here until you get here……………. Are you coming? ❤

LIBBY is Looking for Love
LIBBY is Looking for Love