ZEBERDEE Has Been Re-homed 🙂

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ZEBERDEE at a glance:

  • Aged: Approximately 18 months
  • Sex: Absolutely Gorgeous Young Man (Dog)
  • Breed: Lurcher
  • Good with older children as he’s quite bouncy!
  • Good with other dogs (Introductions to be arranged beforehand)
  • Found as a stray


Depending on how old you are, you might remember The Magic Roundabout where Zebedee used to say it was “Time For Bed”? Well my name is spelt a little bit differently but I would love someone to tell me that it’s bed time, and cuddle me until I fall asleep all safe, warm and loved ❤

My name is ZEBE’R’DEE (did you spot the difference there 😉 ) and I’m still looking for somewhere to call my home. I live with a foster family at the moment but I can’t stay here forever and I would love to have a family of my very own…

I’m only a baby really at just 18 months old, with bundles of energy 🙂 Would you like to come and play with me? Or maybe even teach me how to do really clever things? I’d like to learn and show you that I’m not just a pretty face; I’m actually really clever too!

Before Wellidog found me I was sad and lost… I don’t like feeling like that because it gives me bad scary dreams because I’m just a baby really. Then I went to live at the kennels with some other dogs for a while, and that was ok because I like other dogs but I wasn’t getting the training I needed… But then they found me a foster family, so that’s where I am at the moment! Still waiting for my forever family… You haven’t forgotten about me have you? Because I’m trying to be patient but it seems like suuuucccchhhh a long time…

I’m a small Lurcher and I’m rather good looking (even though I do say so myself)… I’m sure that you will agree when you come and see me. Maybe even fall in love with me and want to take me home? So I thought I’d better remind you that I’m still waiting to meet you, if you think that maybe you’d like to… 🙂