CONKER Has Been Re-homed 🙂

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CONKER at a glance:

  • Sex: Nice Natured Young Lady (Bitch)
  • Approximately 5 Years Old
  • Breed: French Bulldog X
  • Lovely Nature
  • Can live with another male dog. Introductions at kennels
  • Can be re-homed with children aged 5+ Only

Hello everyone, I’m CONKER and I’m staying here with my Wellidog family while they try and find me a new home. I like it here because I just LOVE people, and love nothing more than lots of cuddles and giving lots and lots of kisses, and they seem to like it too 🙂 The only thing is that I keep thinking that maybe I will never find a family of my own? I’ve been waiting for quite a while now… Maybe it could be you? or someone you know is looking for me?

So, let me tell you a bit about myself… I told you how much I love kisses and cuddles but did I tell you about how much fun you can have with me? I could entertain you for AGES if you want to spend time with me… I just LOVE LIFE and FUN ❤

I’m about 5 years old and looking pretty good for a young lady I have to say 😉 And yes I’m pocket sized, but I have a biiiggg heart ❤ Have you seen just what a fantastic addition to your family I could be? You wouldn’t regret it 🙂

I do like other dogs, but prefer to be the only lady in your life so I can only live with other boys… You can bring them to meet me if you like? I’m not mean, just a typical girl who wants to be your one and only lady, so I’m quite choosy about who I share my life with 😉 haha

Well, now I’ve told you a bit about me, why don’t you come and tell me a bit about yourself? I could be that ‘one thing that’s missing in your life’… Do you want to join me and have some fun? 🙂