JACK and COCO Have Been Re-homed 🙂

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COCO at a glance:

  • The most adorable and gentle young lady you could ever wish to meet! An absolute angel to be around… Has lived with Jack for 9 years and therefore will not be separated. He is all she has…
  • Sex: Gentle and gorgeous lady (Bitch)
  • 9 Years Old
  • Breed: Small Lurcher Cross Breed
  • Good with children Aged 10+
  • Not cat tested

JACK at a glance:

  • Cheeky little chap who is looking for a home with his gentle lady COCO. These two have lived together for 9 years and all they have is each other, therefore will not be separated
  • Sex: Little Boy (Dog)
  • 9 Years Old
  • Breed: Terrier X
  • Good with children Aged 10+
  • No cats

Hello everyone… Is there anyone out there who can help us? We’re not sure what happened but we are currently staying with some friends at Wellidog as we’re looking for a new home. We used to have a home, and they loved us as much as we loved them, but they had to bring us here when they couldn’t look after us any longer… 😦

My name is JACK and my lovely lady friend is COCO, and if you meet her you will love her as much as I do… She is SUCH a gentle and loving little girl, and hasn’t got a bad bone in her body, well not unless it’s one she’s eaten, but definitely not one of her own haha.

I’m a cheeky little chappy I’ve been told, and I’m putting a bit of a braver face on it than COCO. Well, I have to… I’m the man of the kennel! I must admit though, I’m a bit worried because we’ve been together for 9 years and I can’t imagine my life without her… Some of the dogs here have been waiting a while so we know it’s hard to find just one dog a home, let alone two! …But we are only little and won’t take up much space, so to tempt you to come and fall in love with us we’re on special offer… If you BUY ONE, YOU GET ONE FREE! Haha. Now that’s a pretty special deal I can tell you… 😉

So… Have you got space in you heart and home to give us a nice warm bed that we can share, and some space in your heart and life? I can promise you won’t regret it, and you will have two of the bestest friends you could ever wish for with us both there to look after and love you back ❤ Maybe we could even go on some adventures together? We might be 9 years old but I bet we could give you a run for your money 😉

We know we’re asking a lot, but do you know anyone who might be happier with us in their life. Could it be you? Or if not can you SHARE THIS POST AND HELP TO FIND US A HOME? We’ll keep our pawsies crossed that you can help… But don’t worry too much, we still have each other while we are waiting for you to come and get us 🙂 Just please don’t make it tooooooo long…