We wanted to ask your help with one special case… This gorgeous, gentle boy is Gandalf… And he is in a pretty sorry state 😦 When he was first found he couldn’t even hold his head up! He struggles to stand or sit at times… And now we can see why! This poor boy must have received a terrible beating 😦 He has bruises appearing all over his underside, including all over his belly, behind his front legs across his rib-cage, and even on his sensitive boy parts 😦

This boy will need veterinary investigation to assess his condition thoroughly, he will need feeding up as he is severely malnourished, and he will need a lot of TLC as well as a new loving forever home…

Any help you can give is always appreciated.

You can help us by donating whatever you can afford through PAYPAL

Or via Bank Transfer:

Lloyds, Wellingborough Dog Welfare
Registered Charity No. 1022949
SORT CODE: 30-99-26
ACCOUNT NO: 00831092

As always we thank you for your ongoing support… We can’t help these poor souls without you ❀

Terrible Bruising :-(
Terrible Bruising 😦