SAFFY Has Been Re-homed 🙂

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SAFFY at a glance:

  • Sex: Sweet Little Girl (Bitch)
  • Age: 2 Years Old
  • Breed: Staffie X
  • OK with Children – Has lived with children of all ages
  • May be OK with the right dog, but this little girl is very scared and reacts out of fear. (Introductions at Kennels) – SAFFY was attacked by a dog prior to coming to Wellidog and sadly this is the worst possible environment for her…  She’s absolutely terrified and hides in the back of her kennel 😦
  • No Cats (They’re Too Exciting ;-))
  • SAFFY is a fantastic escape artist so you will need to make sure that your garden is extra secure if you’re considering giving her a home!
  • Loves playing ball…. Especially if it’s squeaky! 😀