TROY at a glance:

  • Sex: Beautiful Young Man (Dog)
  • Chipped, neutered and vaccinated
  • Age: 18 Months Old
  • Breed: Akita X Husky
  • Children: Unknown
  • OK with Other Dogs – Friendly young man (Introductions at Kennels)
  • More Husky type in behaviour traits, i.e. Boisterous, no aggression
  • Not Cat Tested


Troy is a hearty sized aprox.30ish kg, 18 month male neutered Husky Akita Cross seeking a forever home with an experienced Husky/Akita human guardian! He has a lot of traits of both breeds, both positive and more challenging but none of which are unsurmountable giving patience time and energy. He is sure to be a most rewarding and loyal companion.

He gets quite excited when he sees other dogs and just wants to run over and greet but does so in a way that may be viewed as aggressive by other dogs, particularly small ones so he would need some socialising or rather his greeting manners need improvement. He will need to start learning to use his nose and modulating his intensity depending on size of dog. He has Been meeting dogs on walks and is getting better daily.  He has played off lead in a field with large dogs at the rescue so potentially given proper introduction he is fine living with other dogs particularly ones his size. Though he may be okay with another dog, maybe best a female of his own type if introductions are favourable BUT ideally we are looking for a home where he will be the only dog so he can get the one on one attention he needs though open to other equations. He would suit someone more rural or who works from home and loves the outdoors and exercising, perhaps running, cycling, hiking or even mushing! He is very clever and needs his mind as well as his body exercised and trained daily. His potential is quite evident in the short time his current foster and I have worked with him.
He is currently in foster and working on his manners around other dogs and has come a long way. Playing too boisterously and being overly keen to greet others being was his main thing with other dogs at least in this semi urban environment and in new strange open areas. He’s making great strides. He now sits on command and watches from a distance calmly where before he pulled and twisted to run over. He is much more interested in/focused on small animals like cats and foxes and in the past chickens so his prey drive is quite high, so ideally not an animal farm though the countryside would be great! So he could only be adopted by a cat, rabbit, bird free home. Typical to many if not most of the Northern sled dog breeds it is possible that he will never be able to come off lead due to notorious selective listening as far as recall 😊. So any potential adopter needs to keep this in mind in order to give him the running exercise he literally craves, he may need to be run via jogging, cycling or even better pulling a scooter etc. . Seeing him run is a thing of beauty and his adopter would need to be able to offer him the chance to do this.

Adopter(s) need to also be willing to either train themselves if they are experienced, qualified or work with a trainer. This may have to be a one on one training situation until it is provable that in a class situation he will not get too distracted or cause a ruckus with other dogs. But his potential for flyball, agility and sledding is very clear and generally he is a very friendly dog, has gotten on in fields with large dogs (and smaller dogs at his previous foster) fine and so with some supervised socialisation that could maybe extend to smaller and medium sized dogs!! Troy just has never had til now the one on one attention and training his breed cross truly needs. He has come a long way in the weeks since his new foster and will only blossom and grow even more given the right forever home. He is friendly around children but his ideal forever home would be either with an active single person or couple or a family with older children who will become part of his training, will not squeal and trigger heightened excitement ,will listen to adult guidelines and not be seen as competition for affection which currently happens even with company. He is indeed a show off and loves to be center of attention!

He is great in a car and loves to travel so he would make a great hiking and camping companion! He is a bit of a typical husky curious counter surfer and  blended with the Akita hyper smarts and stubborness, aka determination, he can even figure out how to open doors! So any human needs to be on their toes and be diligent with his training! he is definitely a character full of joy of life and love.

Troy is being fostered at the moment in the outskirts of London and the rescue back up is by Suki’s Canine Rescue Crew. As homechecker and assessor of this dog I am working closely with both the foster and rescue. If you think you are the right human for Troy and he the right canine companion for you then please inbox me or email to receive the rescue’s application form and more info. Applicants will undergo a thorough homecheck ,have a chat with current foster, rescue manager and myself as rescue/homecheck/assessor liason and have meet up opportunities with Troy before being approved etc.