I’m looking for a very special person or family who can help me? My name is BONNIE and I’ve been staying here at Wellidog for quite a while now, just waiting for someone to fall in love with me… But they haven’t yet 😥

I had to go to the doggie doctors recently to have a mammary lump removed. It wasn’t too bad apart from the stingy ‘needle’; but it made me have the deeeeepest sleep I’ve had in AGES! They’re a bit of a rowdy bunch here at Wellidog so it was nice to have some peace 😉 I wasn’t too keen on the funny hat I had to wear afterwards though…!

Anyway, from what I understand they found something that wasn’t very nice inside me called a ‘cancer’? I just don’t even know how it even got in there! It must have sneaked in when I wasn’t looking 😳

I’ve decided that if I’ve got a fighting chance at making it stay away I need to stay alert and active! After all, it has to catch me when I’m not looking, right? The doggie doctor said that there’s a 43% chance it might try and come back over the next two years, but then after that just 21% for the following two years so I need to keep my eyes and ears open! But I have decided that I can’t keep an eye out for it all on my own, and my Wellidog family want to help me find someone who will look out for it with me, so I’m looking for someone really special who would be happy to foster me? Maybe this could be you?

I’m not suffering. I love life and I’m full of it lol. I don’t need any tablets or operations, just lots and lots of LOVE ❤ I’ve been told that love can cure anything, so maybe it can help me? I’ve been waiting for love to find me in here, but it hasn’t yet so I think it’s time to look for it myself! Maybe it can help me heal my heart too? It does hurt a little bit when I see all my friends leaving with waggy tails when they head off to a new life and leave me behind. Don’t get me wrong, I’m really happy for them, but it still makes me sad that nobody wants me… 😥

If you think you can help by fostering me please can you call my Wellidog family on 07561 129207 so that they can arrange for you to visit? I love a good natter, but I’m not very good with those phone things so they will have to help me; and I just LOOOVVVVEEE to play ball so maybe we could have a game so I can see if you’re any good at it? Don’t worry if you’re not, because I can teach you…

It’s probably best that I don’t live with any small children as I’m a bit bouncy. I’m also a little bit fussy about my doggie friends.. . You won’t need to worry about feeding me because Wellidog will give you some of my favourite food which I’ll share with you if you like? My Wellidog family have also saved some pennies for the doggie doctor so you won’t need those, but it will cost you something far more valuable… Can you LOVE me enough to look after me now that I need somebody the most? Please don’t leave me here in the kennels. I know they love me so very much here, but it’s getting mighty chilly these days and I would love to be safe, warm and in a home of my own 🙂

Can you help me? If you give me a chance you will be able to love me I’m sure… I have SOOOOO much love I can give you ❤ Please don’t leave me to look out for it all on my own 😦 It’s a bit scary…

Thank you
Love & Licks