Luca at a glance:

  • Breed: Italian mastiff x
  • Age: just turned three
  • Sex: beautiful big boy
  • No other dogs
  • No cats
  • No children 16+
  • Home needed: experienced with the breed or large breeds. Home all day suffers separation anxiety quite bad. Strong handler, committed and willing to put training in

Luca needs a special/experienced home. He is such a loving young man and is a gentle giant when he wants to be. He is very very stressed in the kennel environment and is very destructive. We are not sure whether he would do this in a home or not so he will need someone experienced, home all day and willing to put in a lot of training to deal with this. He is a big boy and generally walks very well on the lead unless he sees something. He hates getting in the car and currently has to be lifted while he is lying on the floor ๐Ÿ™ˆ. This will improve over time. We donโ€™t know any of Luca past but he loves to be outdoors and to have people around. He can be nervous of some people especially men! He loves his food and is very treat motivated. He has a few scars so who knows what has happened to this poor boy ๐Ÿ˜ข he needs to be the only pet in the home and if he is to be rehomed with children 16+ they will need to be very dog savvy due to his breed. He is such a loving young man and as soon as he is out and with you he is happy, he has been very handleable by us. He does like to make a lot of noise, again this may be the kennel environment. This breed do have guarding tendencies hence the need for boundaries and manners put in place. He has such a sweet and beautiful face, he doesnโ€™t seem to know what toys are yet. He currently weighs 36 kg and is very underweight and needs another 8-10kg just to give a rough size. He is a tall boy