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Canine Coaching

Canine Coaching

Where would we be without our supporters? That’s certainly true of Canine Coaching! Paul Daly has given both our dogs, and us, invaluable support; through assessments, coaching, education, training, fund-raising, donations, and raising awareness of our beautiful dogs needing homes 🙂

We consider ourselves extremely lucky that he has chosen to help us, and can’t thank him enough for everything … ❤

If you are looking for help with your dog(s) and need some helpful behavioural advice, opportunities to socialise your dog, guidance, or simply want to understand your dog more, we can’t recommend Canine Coaching enough for a friendly, relaxed and professional approach to dog training.

If you want to know more about Canine Coaching and how they could help you, or if you just want to know more about them, pop along to their website or follow them on Facebook.

Canine Coaching Give Wellidogs a Helping Hand

On the morning of Monday, 7th December 2015 Canine Coaching will be kindly supporting us by donating time to help exercise our dogs.

The Canine Coaching team get set to help local dog rehome centre


“This year I decided I would do something to help a local rescue centre with the ever increasing number of dogs that find themselves in rescue.

As Canine Coaching, we contacted Lillian of Wellingborough Dog Welfare offering our services for the morning. After checking with the Trustees and Kennel Manager Naomi, they eagerly accepted our offer.

One of the best ways to focus, balance and build a bond with any dog is through structured exercise. Quality exercise forms a crucial part of a dog’s life therefore this is to be the basis of my approach.

On Monday 7th December 2015, Mel, Barbara and I will be supporting this local charity by donating a morning of our time to help exercise the kennel dogs.

Paying it forward in this manner allows me to share my behavioural knowledge to benefit dogs less fortunate than our own.”

Paul Daly, Canine Coaching

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