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TOFFEE – staff x collie – 7 years old

  • Sex: beautiful boy
  • Age: almost seven
  • Breed: staff x collie, solid built boy
  • Needs to be the only dog.
  • No cats!
  • Kids 8+

This dog is just amazing…. So Toffee is a wonderful boy who is seven years old. He is a staff x collie. He is just so friendly with everybody he meets and just wants fuss. He isn’t boisterous at all he just goes with the flow and believe it or not with his weight he absolutely loves going for walks. Anybody who meets this boy will fall in love. He is a powerful boy on the lead. He will need to be the only pet in the home, no dogs or cats. In the vets this afternoon he wasn’t bothered at all by the other dogs. In the kennels he has said hello to a little female dog but he doesn’t like male dogs after a few incidents in his past. He is just no trouble at all and really will make somebody a wonderful companion. Whoever adopts toffee will have to offer plenty of belly rubs as he loves this. He loves to chase a ball but doesn’t know what to do once he has got to it 😂😂. He loves his treats and food but is severely overweight so really does need a strict diet otherwise this will impact on his health in the future. He is healthy and travels really really well in the car, although he seems to know when he has arrived at his destination as he gets up and wants to get out 😂. He is just so gentle in every way even takin his treats. He is a bit of a talker and can be a bit anxious but I think once he has had his settling in period this will calm. We would like a home for toffee where he isn’t left for long periods. Children 8+. If you are looking for a companion and waking buddy then toffee is amazing I just love him to bits from the minute I met him there was just something about him 😍😍. When you say the word ‘walkies’ he stares at you tiling his head 🥰


Dexter- Labrador x- 9 years old


  • Sex: beautiful boy
  • Age: nine years old
  • Breed: Labrador x
  • No other dogs!
  • No children
  • No cats!
  • Home needed: experienced, rural and willing to put a lot of training in to his reactiveness


Dexter needs a super special home and is not for the faint hearted or inexperienced! He is wonderful with me and Lynn but can be very reactive to other people on the lead. Dexter needs a super special home either in the countryside with a lot of land or in a quiet area where there are not loads of busy roads, vehicles etc. Now with me he is the most wonderful dog going and he is very very loyal! He greets you like you have been away for years however he attaches to one person very easily and can be a little bit guardy of them. He absolutely loves a ball and will play all day no matter what the weather. He loves his fuss and likes to rub against you being all silly and is super affectionate. But with his reactiveness caution is needed and definitely a trainer is needed to help this boy. He needs a home where there are no other pets. Definitely no children or visiting children. An adult only household but a quiet household with not too many people there. We know this is asking a lot but we know somebody like there is out there for this boy. He will repay you with plenty of love and fetch 😂 he just sticks to me like glue and the longer he is with us he will only get worse and increase his issues and this is not what we want! He is a nine year old Labrador x and a big boy who is super strong on the lead. He is reactive to people, cars, dogs on a walk so also needs a strong handler. He needs a home who is not afraid to put in some boundaries with him as he will need these for sure. We are in the process of muzzle training him. He is getting used to walking on a figure of eight lead and is progressing but needs somebody who will carry this on! I just adore this boy so much and yes he has quite a lot of issues but with his people he is wonderful 🥰
Dexter needs a home in the countryside that maybe has a lot of land or isn’t busy to help manage his anxiety on walks…. And experienced owners willing to have a trainer onboard.
He is a wonderful dog and we love him to pieces


Woody- poodle x- 4 1/2 years old


  • Sex: beautiful little boy
  • Age: four and a half
  • Breed: poodle x bichon x shih tzu
  • Needs to be the only dog
  • No cats
  • Kids 8+
  • Home needed: active, secure garden, prepared to play a lot of fetch

Woody is a wonderful four and a half year old poodle x, he is a wonderful boy that is looking for a loving active home. He is quite shy when he first meets people especially men and he will run up to men and bark at them. Then running off but it doesn’t take long before he is ok. Woody loves to play with a ball but he is very cheeky and doesn’t give it back, instead running around being chased 😂 he isn’t a tiny dog so isn’t a dog you could just scoop up. Woody could live with children 8+, but will need to be the only dog. No cats! He has a little bit of the little dog syndrome especially when it comes to larger dogs. Woody is not used to being left on his own for longer than an hour so we will not rehome him where he will be left long periods! He can woof a little when left but will settle. He is clean in his kennel and is a sweetheart. Whoever adopts this boy also needs to remember he will need regular grooming every 6 weeks. He is a lively little boy that would love a garden to run about in and a home where he will go for loads of walks. If anybody is interested please register interest with the kennels, where we will go through applications and decide the most suitable home for him.


LOLA- Indian pariah dog- 4 years old


  • Sex: beautiful young lady
  • Age: coming up to four
  • Breed: Indian pariah dog
  • Needs to be the only dog! Hasn’t had issue with dogs on walks as of yet.
  • No cats!
  • Children 10+ if savvy
  • Home needed: only pet, prepared for lots of cuddles but she also likes her space

Well what can I say about this absolutely wonderful girl. Whoever adopts this girl will have one of the most loving girls. Lola is an Indian pariah dog who is almost four years old. So originally Lola was from India and was taken from the streets as a puppy and she has travelled the world since. Lola will need to be the only dog in the home after there were quite a few incidents in her previous home. No cats! She has never had an issue with dogs out of the home as of yet! This girl is just absolutely wonderful and she will just make anybody so so happy. She is super cuddly and if you stop fussing her she is either nudging you or pawing your arm to keep tickling her. She is super affectionate but she also likes her space when she wants it and she will tell you by taking herself away. She could live with children 10+ if they are sensible to not overwhelm her and give her her space when she wants it. She loves going for walks and playing with a toy, and chasing you 😂😂 she is just a wonderful dog that anybody would fall in love with. She can be a little shy on first meeting and can wee herself when unsure but she has sure come out of her shell now and is just the most wonderful companion.


SAFFIRE – LURCHER X GSD – 4 1/2 years old

  • Age: four and a half
  • Breed: lurcher x German shepherd, smaller than your typical lurcher
  • Sex: pretty little girly
  • Needs to be the only pet, no cats!
  • No young children, we would consider 16+ IF the child is extremely dog savvy
  • Home needed: a lot of time and patience, experience ideally with extremely nervous dogs. Not to be left long hours

This girl has come a long way since being with us but she is still a terrified wreck… however we believe she has come as far as she is going to in the kennels and are going to start looking for her forever home! It must be the right home for this girl as she is terrified of the world. From grumbling at us at the back of the kennel to now coming to the front wagging her tail and walking into the lead herself 🥰 we are proud of her!! She is going to ideally but not essentially need an experienced home with nervous dogs. Whoever adopts this girl MUST let her go to them and this could take days but it could take a month. It has taken me almost a month to get a waggy tail out of her on a walk. Any little noise spooks her and she will bolt. Give her the time and patience and she will come around for sure, now she will come over to me still scared and lean into me for fuss but when she is done I leave her be as we do not want to send her backwards by forcing her! All in her own time. Saffire is beautiful and I can see she wants to do things but just doesn’t know how. I know in the right home who will let her do things in her own time she will thrive and you will see a different dog a few months in 🥰 she is four and a half, she is a GSD x lurcher but she is much smaller than your typical lurcher. She is a bit hit and miss on the lead as something will spook her and she will want to be off and is a bit zig zag behind you but she is getting better. What we don’t want for this girl is for someone to rush her and she snaps at them because this dog is not nasty she is just terrified. You can see she wants to play with a toy but is just frightened to. She will follow me around if I start to walk away, but then you turn around and she doesn’t like eye contact. This makes her sound like a nightmare but she really isn’t and I am so proud of her and how far she has come…. everything is coming from fear with her but I know she will change in a home environment that will work with her and she will know she is safe! She will need to be the only pet and someone who is home most of the day now and after COVID. No young children but we would consider 16+ if very dog savvy and know to let her come to them and if she needs space to give it to her 🙂 to see her tail wagging at me now daily in the mornings when I arrive just gives me a big smile on my face. Whoever is interested in adopting Saffire will need to visit regularly to get her used to them before she will be able to go home. She likes her meals but isn’t too keen on treats at the moment. A wonderful girl even through her terrified eyes you can see a shining light waiting to come out 🥰😍


Penny – Dutch shepherd- around 7 years old

Penny at a glance:

  • Age: roughly seven years old
  • Sex: beautiful lady
  • Breed: Dutch shepherd
  • Needs to be the only dog! Can be reactive but can be ok with some
  • No cats!
  • No young children under 16
  • Home needed: dog savvy, brain stimulation. No kids under 16. Prepared to give lots of belly rubs

Penny is such a wonderful girl who is very overweight at the moment and as she loses the weight she will become more agile. She loves her food/treats and her favourite are toys or tennis balls. She likes to make sure she carries two at a time. She loves a squeaky toy. She is a submissive girl but has typical Dutch shepherd traits. She loves people and fuss and is a bit of a tart really and loves her belly rubbed. This breed are not for the inexperienced and need brain stimulation. A smashing girl that in the right home will thrive! If you are looking for a fun and super clever dog then penny is the dog for you! Penny is a super clever, cheeky and funny girl that is so deserving on that forever home. She will give so much back to her new family for sure.



Cooper at a glance:

  • Age: two and a half years old
  • Breed: crossbreed (lab size)
  • Sex: handsome young boy
  • No cats
  • No children or visiting children!
  • Can be reactive to dogs on walks, could possibly live with another neutered dog
  • Home needed: very experienced willing to work on his issues. No children or visiting children. Strong handler. Calm home

Cooper needs an experienced home willing to get a trainer out to help with his issues, which he has come so far already 😁 he is a lovey boy 95% of the time but can get over excited some times and make rash decisions. He loves his toys but will guard possessions which we have been working in and he has come on so much. His impulse control is getting there as well. He needs a home where they will continue his training. He loves fuss and will lean into you for more. He is a young bull breed that has been allowed to push the boundaries previously. Reading cooper body language is important. Cooper with the right home and training will make an amazing companion.


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