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Donations are Always Welcome at Wellidog

All of the money we raise goes directly to our charity, but we can only carry on the work we do with the help of people’s generosity.

We are always looking for new ways to raise money as many of the dogs that come to us are strays, many of whom often require veterinary attention!

You can help us by donating whatever you can afford through PAYPAL

Or via Bank Transfer:

Lloyds, Wellingborough Dog Welfare
Registered Charity No. 1022949
SORT CODE: 30-99-26
ACCOUNT NO: 00831092

But it’s not just money we need… Anything you can do to help us is very much appreciated, and with so many residents we always need these…

  • Dog Food – Dry and Tinned
  • Dog Treats
  • Old Bedding, Curtains, Towels (Anything to keep our dogs warm and snuggly at night while they wait for their forever home)
  • Mops
  • Buckets
  • Washing-Up Liquid
  • Cleaning Cloths
  • Dog collars, leads and other items

But if you don’t have any of these lying around we have an Amazon Wishlist and anything you can donate is always appreciated.

Our dedicated volunteers are always trying to think up ways to raise money, i.e. auctions, car-boot sales, raffles etc., so any donations of unwanted items that we can sell are also welcome:

  • Bric-a-Brac
  • Unwanted items (re-saleable condition only)
  • Raffle Prizes
  • Unused animal toys and accessories

NB. We are sorry but we are unable to accept electrical items.

We have a Fundraising Page on Facebook! Come and join in the discussion if you have any fundraising ideas, or if you just want to catch up on what’s going on…

Thank You Pets at Home (Northampton)

Thank you Northampton Branch of Pets at Home for your continuous support.  You are great friends of Wellidog 🙂

Wellingborough Houses Raises Money for Wellidog

Thanks to Wellingborough Houses for raising over three hundred pounds for Wellidog! Proudly presenting the cheque are two Wellikids, and happily receiving it is our very own Tim.

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