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Fund Raising

Fund Raising

We are extremely lucky to have some amazing and dedicated supporters who do the craziest things on behalf of our Wellidogs 🙂

Raising funds is a never ending task as many of the dogs that come to us are strays who often require veterinary attention 😦

…But we have never been known to back away from a challenge, and our supporters are always up to something to help; from online auctions and events to raise awareness… to personal sponsored challenges, such as parachute jumps, abseiling and Iron Runs!

Throughout the year we also organise and run many ‘fun’draising events including some fantastic dog shows! All proceeds from these events are used to take the very best care of our beautiful dogs whilst they patiently wait for the perfect forever home.

We would love to see you there, so bookmark our dates for your diary page, come and join in, and have a ‘fun’tastic day with us whilst helping us raise some money!

Every single day there are always more dogs that need rescuing and we simply can’t do it without your help… So, if you enjoy a challenge and want to help us then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

You can help us by donating your time and doing whatever you can to help us raise money to care for these dogs…

Or you can donate whatever you can afford as a gift through PAYPAL

Or via Bank Transfer:

Lloyds, Wellingborough Dog Welfare
Registered Charity No. 1022949
SORT CODE: 30-99-26
ACCOUNT NO: 00831092

“We wouldn’t be able to help these dogs without people like you… From the bottom of our hearts we thank you for your continued support for these dogs who just want to be safe and loved.”



Easyfundraising – Raise Money For Wellidog Simply by Shopping Online!

Did you know that you can support us by shopping online?

Every time you shop online via easyfundraising at one of the 3,300 retailers including John Lewis, Aviva, Sainsbury’s and, a donation will be made to Wellingborough Dog Welfare (Wellidog), and it won’t cost you a penny!

It’s really simple to get started;

  2. Sign up for free
  3. Get shopping! Your donations will be collected by easyfundraising and automatically sent to us. It couldn’t be easier!

There are no catches or hidden charges and we are always really grateful for your donations.

Thank you for your support.

BT MyDonate – Easily Collect Sponsorship and Pay Donations Direct to Wellidog

Planning a challenging event? Maybe you would consider raising funds for us whilst you’re doing something crazy (like jumping out of a plane or feeding white sharks) or challenging (like a long walk, or climbing a mountain)?

We’ve signed up for BT MyDonate to make target setting and sponsorship collection hassle free. And even better, they don’t charge a penny in commission! (unlike JustGiving *cough*)

BUT DON’T FORGET TO LET US KNOW so that we can share your challenge with our supporters, help you get more sponsors, AND follow your progress…!

But even if you just want to make a small donation direct to our bank account BT MyDonate really is a simple and secure way to do so; and even the smallest gift really can make the biggest difference 🙂

Thank you all for your ongoing support ❤


Are You Taking Part in the Waendel Walk, Wellingborough?

…Then maybe you would consider raising funds through sponsorship for Wellidog whilst enjoying a walk through our beautiful countryside?

You can encourage people to help you fundraise via Facebook. It’s easy to set up. Just create a post, click on Support Charity, and select Wellidog to get started


You can also collect sponsorship online using BT MyDonate. Sign up now, or access your account to get started. And what’s even better is they don’t charge a penny in commission! 🙂 Visit our charity page on BT MyDonate
Or if you prefer good old fashioned pen and paper you can download a sponsorship form here



We are a small charity and totally reliant on donations to keep the dogs in our care safe, fed, healthy and happy whilst we search for their forever homes.

Anything you can do to help us is always greatly appreciated, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts on behalf of ALL of our Wellidogs 🙂

OLLIE Makes Some New Friends at Barclaycard Whilst Raising Funds for Wellidog

Many of you may have met OLLIE who is a very handsome Estrellas Mountain Dog, and honorary Wellidog and Fundraising mascot? If you haven’t had the pleasure of cuddling this gorgeous boy yet, he is often spotted winning hearts and sniffing out loving homes for his Wellidog friends with his hardworking and dedicated Mum, Linda (our very own Christmas Cracker) around the county.

On Tuesday (12th April) Linda, Julie and Zena took Ollie to Barclaycard where he got to hang out with one of his football heroes; Cobblers player Paul Corry! He’s been impressed ever since and loving the good weather as he can brush up his ball skills just in case he’s invited again 😉

We cannot thank Barclaycard enough for everything they do to support us. They made us feel extremely welcome and provided us with our own stand for the day. We managed to raise £113.60 which will go towards helping our deserving and very special Valerie, and the costs of her ear operations 🙂 We had such a lovely time and met some equally lovely people.

Thank you for your ongoing kindness, support and hospitality 🙂

With Love and Licks from Ollie and his PR Team; Linda, Julie and Zena ❤

Our Very Own WELLIDOG Stand at Barclaycard
Our Very Own WELLIDOG Stand at Barclaycard

Gemma and Jon’s Iron Run for Wellidog Raises a Whopping £535!

When it comes to fund-raising we quite simply have THE BEST supporters 🙂

Gemma and Jon successfully competed in the Iron Run at the weekend, and finished with (thankfully) no injuries other than a few scrapes and bruises 🙂 and their magnificent effort means they have managed to raise a whopping £535 for Wellidog!


But… For anyone who is wondering why anyone would be crazy enough to put themselves through it, their inspiration is this gorgeous fella here…

BILLY - An ex-Wellidog who inspired Gemma and Jon's Iron Run
BILLY – An ex-Wellidog who inspired Gemma and Jon’s Iron Run

Meet Billy, an ex-Wellidog who went to live with Gemma and Jon temporarily, and never left 🙂

In Gemma’s own words…

“He was so poorly when he was at Wellidog, and scared. Naomi did an amazing job with him and she thought he was going to die. I’d been walking him and I couldn’t leave him – so we fostered him, and the rest is history! Failed fosters!”

We do love our failed foster parents 😉

They have since gone on to foster two other dogs who have been placed with lovely families, and continue to support Wellidog on a daily basis.


Barclaycard are Back at Wellidog… And They’re on a Mission!

This September saw the return of the Barclaycard Volunteers and they were on a Make-Over Mission 😉

They spent the day dog-walking, decorating our office and the inside kennels; as well as sorting out the food cupboard, weeding, and just generally making everything ship-shape and presentable!

We cannot thank them enough, and neither can Rusty who looked extremely happy and content after the extra long walk they gave him 🙂

RUSTY feeling felaxed and happy after his lovely long walk and kennel make-over
RUSTY feeling felaxed and happy after his lovely long walk and kennel make-over

Thank you Barclaycard for all your hard work… From everyone at Wellidog (and especially Rusty) ❤

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Rescues Pull Together to Ensure the Safety and Future of Four Horrifically Malnourished Little Boys…

A few days ago we was asked if we could help one of 4 extremely malnourished pups. Not one of us expected to see such forgiving dear little souls on the brink of complete starvation! Many tears have been shed but now with the help and support of 5 different rescues these boys have a much happier future ahead.

Pablo - One of four horrifically malnourished puppies rescued
Pablo – One of four horrifically malnourished puppies rescued

Reds Rescue is currently caring for Pablo, a little boy of approx 9mths old weighing only 6kg! Pablo is quite poorly but he has every chance in the care of Red’s. Once fit and healthy he will be going to Nearly Home Crusaders for re homing.

Pablo - One of four horrifically malnourished puppies rescued
Roman – One of four horrifically malnourished puppies rescued

Animals in Need are caring for Roman, a very sweet boy weighing 6.9kg.  He will do very well in the care of Annie and will be looking for a home once he fighting fit, neutered and vaccinated.

Hugo - One of four horrifically malnourished puppies rescued
Hugo – One of four horrifically malnourished puppies rescued

Here at Wellidog we are caring for Hugo and Buttons. Both boys are in separate foster homes getting the very best care and love. Hugo weighs 6.3kg and Buttons a tiny 5.9kg, the smallest of the 4.

Buttons - One of four horrifically malnourished puppies rescued
Buttons – One of four horrifically malnourished puppies rescued

Continue reading “Rescues Pull Together to Ensure the Safety and Future of Four Horrifically Malnourished Little Boys…”

Penny does the Waendel Walk 2015

Our lovely Linda took part in her second day of doing the Waendel Walk but this time with our beautiful Penny!

Penny does the Waendel Walk 2015
Penny makes a new friend on the Waendel Walk 2015

They completed a total of 10.7 miles and both looked like they had lots of fun! Penny made some new friends and even enjoyed an ice cream!

Thank you so much Linda for a wonderful weekend, many miles walked and both Logan and Penny thoroughly enjoyed their time away from kennels!

Penny has now been with us for over a year! Please lets hope her forever home comes soon, she is a fabulous girl!

Penny's Medal
Penny does the Waendel Walk 2015

Logan Wellidog does the Waendel Walk 2015

Logan does the Waendel Walk 2015
Logan does the Waendel Walk 2015

Our wonderful boy Logan joined the lovely Linda Mathia on the Waendel Walk 2015!  What a fantastic job they both did!

Thank you so much Linda for your dedication to our dog’s and to Wellidog’s, you are a true friend!

There is still time to sponsor Logan… You can do so via paypal

Thank you and fingers crossed this special boy finds his forever home very soon 🙂

Logan does the Waendel Walk
Logan does the Waendel Walk

Rob and Zoe Compete in the IRON RUN

Wellidog would like to say Congratulations, and a HUGE thank you to Rob and Zoe who competed in the IRON RUN challenge in aid of Wellingborough Dog Welfare.

They raised over £300 and would like the money to go towards our ‘WELLIDOG VAN’ Appeal!

Well Done to both of you and thank you from all at Wellidogs for your continued support

Alistair Abseiling for Wellidog

Is it a plane or is it a bird, no it our very own Alistair abseiling to raise money for Wellidog. Madness!

Thank you x

Chantelle – You’re a Star!


Thank you to Chantelle who threw herself out of a perfectly good plane to raise much needed funds for Wellidogs..

Its people like you that enables us to help xx


Barclays Renovation

We would like to thank Cathy Johnson and Barclays Bank for the support they have given us by raising money for our charity. They have raised money by doing numerous fund raising activities such as the Waendel walk and holding stalls.


The money they have raised has paid for us to line our outdoor kennels with perspex, helping to keep our dogs warmer this winter.


They also have enabled us to bark our walkway. The Barclays team helped with these renovations and also have been coming for the last couple of months to walk our dogs.

Waendel Walkers

Thank you to our Volunteers Harriet, Millie, James, Martin, Sam, Pam and Chris who all did the Waendel Walk… with all the money they raised going to the dogs! They took some of our lovely dogs with them and cars were on stand-by for when the dogs got tired… So well done Star, Sarge, Jenna, Lea, Minnie and Monty… The humans couldn’t have done it without you..

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