If you have seen a particular dog that you are interested in the next step would be to give the kennels a call and register your interest. If suitable we can introduce you to the dog via an appointment. If you (and we sincerely hope you do) find just the right dog for you we can start the adoption process. If there is more than one person interested in one dog we will choose the home we think suits the dog best 🙂

All family members must be comfortable with the decision; and our dog must be comfortable with you! But once we are all happy with the decision to adopt we require a £50 non-refundable deposit to reserve any dog. This will ensure that nobody else is able to start the adoption process with your dog whilst we arrangehome-checks and the best time for you to take your new family addition home.

Home checks are nothing to be worried about. This gives us the opportunity to assure ourselves that your home is safe, the right one, and does not pose any risks to your chosen dog. We can also take the opportunity to give you any advice based on what we know about the dog(s) you have chosen. Please don’t be worried about this, but at this stage we probably know them better than you and can identify any potential risks. Our aim is to keep both our dogs and your family safe, and once your home check has been passed you are welcome to adopt your chosen dog.

During the adoption process we always encourage you to spend time with your chosen dog whilst he/she is still in kennels. This enables us to know that both dogs and new owners are compatible and they get to know each other before adoption is completed.

So… once the home check has passed and you’re ready to take your new family member home we will ask you to sign an Adoption Agreement and pay the remainder of the adoption fee which will be £200. At this point you are able to take your chosen Wellidog home ❤

We always recommend that you insure your dog against any unexpected vet bills, but on adoption all of our dogs leave us with 5 weeks free insurance.

A ‘rescued’ dog will need time to adjust to you and your setting. Please bear in mind that they have been uprooted from the only home he/she has known without understanding why, and they will feel extremely unsettled. We will support you throughout this, but in the event that things are not working out then you must return the dog to Wellidog.


After the Adoption…

Once you have taken your new family member home you will need to give him/her time; time to get used to your voice, and to get used to his/her new surroundings, and your routines. At this point please bear in mind that everything is strange and will take require a period of adjustment.

Please be patient! He/she will need some reassurance and if shut in they may scratch your doors, whine when left or destroy your favourite pillows. Try to remember that he/she has may have been in kennels for some time and is not used to being confined to a strange new home. DO NOT feel sorry for him/her and provide consistent leadership whilst rewarding good behaviour. For training tips you can visit our Thinking About Re-Homing Your Dog page which features some handy training advice.

You must always remember that a dog is a pack animal who is looking for guidance, so it’s up to you to teach them acceptable behaviour. If the human does not take charge your dog will think that he/she needs to. Let your new dog know from the start who is the ‘kind and fair’ boss.

When you catch them doing something that they shouldn’t, stay calm, and direct them away from the bad to the good behaviour. Be generous with praise when they get it right! A dog can take anything from a few days to a few months to settle into your routine dependent on the individual dog. But no matter how long it takes, the day will come that you won’t even remember a time that they weren’t part of your life ❤