JESSIE is a beautiful little girl who is about 9 years old and has been adopted by our Chairman, Mick. She’s a Collie X Labrador who didn’t have a very good start in life 😦

This little girl is pretty nervous of new people but once she finds one that she likes she can become very attached and would protect you with her life! Unfortunately this is her biggest problem as she can bond with one person within the household to the exclusion of all others…

Jessie loves to walk, run… and play tug! But walking is her most favourite thing and she is often lucky enough to be taken on some lovely days out with some of our dedicated volunteers. …But whoops, we almost forgot… she also LUURVVEESS SAUSAGE!!

She is a lady who knows her own mind and can be a bit bossy in getting her own way πŸ˜‰ However she is extremely clever and loves learning new things!…

Jessie will remain here with us for the rest of her days… But don’t be sad. We all love her dearly ❀

Unfortunately we lost our Jessica in July 2021. We are all devastated and will miss her daily. Never ever forgotten πŸ˜ͺ


Louie is a beautiful young man who is roughly 3 years old from where his past is unknown. Louie unfortunately has several behavioural issues which mean it is not safe for him to be rehomed. He can only be handled by certain individuals. Louie can bond to certain people very quickly and seems to have a dislike towards men.

Louie loves to sit on the bench and have cuddles and kisses, he also loves his food and treaties so much. Louie is a very stubborn boy and can react when things don’t go his way. Therefore Louie will stay with us, king Louie is dearly loved by everyone at Wellidog and is treated like a king


Duke is a three/four year old Romanian street dog. He can be very unpredictable with people he likes and can guard food and toys pretty badly. Duke did go to a home when he first arrived however he really struggled to cope and it really set him backwards. When he likes you he loves you but you still have to be very careful around food and toys as he can switch into guard mode very quickly. He loves his cuddles and treats. He does love his squeaky toys but only on his walks otherwise he will guard.