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Patch found a family again!

Patch came to us as his beloved owner had died and he had been left in the house all on his own. When he arrived he was pacing and clearly grieving the loss of his owner. Patch was an older boy who had a lump on his eye lid. A wonderful family came along for him and he has now found love again and is thoroughly enjoying life, camping and the most important thing….. chasing balls of the lead

Little lily finally gets a home after four months :)

Little lily came to us and the kennels were not a good environment for her and her bounciness and dog behaviour put everybody that came to look at her off. Finally one day in august 2019 a lovely young couple came to see lily and fell in love with her at first sight. They have told us she is a different dog in the home and they love her to bits. Go lily!

DEXTER Spends The Day With Marboo Dogz To Become a TV Star!

Meet ex Wellidog Dexter, lending a paw to Marboo Dogz on a TV set with the cast filming ?????? Shhhhh, we can’t say, but as soon as we can we’ll tell you – Top Secret 😉

If we didn’t know any better we’d believe he was a real police dog! But instead, this is Dexter… who was rescued by Wellidog, and adopted and loved by Linda and Kyra… Who was in a sorry state, quite poorly, skin and bones, and scared of everything (especially other dogs, and even the sound of water going under the drain on the street) 😦 But look at him now!! Isn’t he just a super handsome boy standing tall and proud with other stunning GSD’s (and some quite cute Actors dressed as Policemen too 😉 )

Go Dexter!! ❤ We’re So Proud of You Handsome Boy…

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Do you Remember SIMON (now Diesel)? Well… How About This for a Transformation?

How many of you remember Simon (who is now called Diesel) who was in such a poor state when he arrived at Wellidog?


DIESEL (was Simon)… An amazing transformation!

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The Search for New Homes has Ended for Ashley & Arthur

We are really happy to tell everyone that we are no longer looking for new homes for Ashley and Arthur…  They are staying where they are with their failed Foster Parents ❤

Thank you 🙂

Ex Wellidog Hector – The Flyball Star!

At the weekend Ex Wellidog Hector achieved his Flyball Dog Intermediate title (1,000 points). What an amazing achievement for Mandy and Hector!

We are all so proud of how hard they have worked. What a team they make!

For those who are not aware of Hector’s story, he was found tied to a bench and abandoned in a local park. Mandy took him on after he had served his time in stray block and just look at him now!

We are sooooo proud of you ❤


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What a Difference Love Made for Hilda

Hilda had been terribly neglected before she came to us at Wellidog. We were horrified that somebody could even do this to such a dear sweet soul…

HILDA was so badly neglected when she came to us...
HILDA was so badly neglected when she came to us…

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Ex Wellidog Toby is a Qualified PAT Dog!

This is Peter with ex-Wellidog TOBY who has successfully qualified as a registered PAT (Pets as Therapy) Dog.

Amazing news! We are all so very proud of them… ❤


Arwin has been Adopted!

After 16 months in kennels it is finally Arwin’s time to leave!

He arrived broken and beaten and has come a very long way since becoming a Wellidog.  He has turned out to be a very loving loyal boy, who adores to play fetch and have kisses and cuddles along with a morning cup of tea!

He will now be enjoying life by the sea with his new mummy and daddy 🙂

Good luck Arwin. It couldn’t have happened to a nicer dog ❤

Brownie and Calu Have Left the Building!

Brilliant news to share… Our wonderful Romanian Rescue dogs Calu and Brownie have left for their forever homes!

They have waited so long for this and they can finally experience the love and devotion of a cosy warm HOME…

Just look how settled they look 🙂

Minnie is a Good Citizen!

Ex Wellidog Minnie managed to get her Good Citizen Bronze Award at the Mid Herts Gundog Show.

Here she is having a well deserved cuddle with Dad Mick, and showing off her certificate!

Well done Minne ❤

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