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Thinking About Volunteering at Wellidog?

  • So… You’re thinking about volunteering?
  • Do you have some free time, even if it’s only a couple of hours?
  • Do you love dogs?
  • Are you prepared to donate your time for free?

If that’s four Yes’s then you’ve come to the right place! 🙂

Wellidogs would not exist without the dedication and kindness of its supporters and regular volunteers, and volunteering can be a very rewarding experience as well as a way to meet new friends.

At Wellidog we’re more like a big family who pull together to make a difference to some very deserving furbabies who have found themselves here through no fault of their own. We even have our very own Wellikids who will be the next generation of animal rescuers, and are committed to helping; turning up without fail whatever the weather 🙂

There are many ways that you can help…

  1. Dog Walking – If you have some free time, then why not volunteer as a dog walker? Our dogs always need exercise no matter whether is wet or dry, and it’s good for them to get out and have a some one-on-one attention…
  2. Ad-hoc help as/when you are able to is always welcome. Give us a shout and we can discuss ways to help without committing anything ongoing.
  3. Or if you are able to volunteer on a regular basis we would love to hear from you. It could be anything from cleaning kennels to preparing feeds, or exercising the inmates 😉 but you would need to be sure that you’re happy to commit to helping regularly help as we’d be relying on you…
  4. But if you can’t do any of these you could help with fund-raising, fosteringdonating or even just collecting donations, as that would free up more of our time to take care of the dogs 🙂

A love of dogs is a MUST if you want to volunteer, so if you do, and helping us is something you’re considering, why don’t you contact us so that we can have a chat about it…

We can’t pay you, but we can promise you that the feeling you get when you see a dog(s) that you’ve worked with, and grown to love go on to find a loving new home, is priceless ❤

So, if you’re still thinking about volunteering we look forward to hearing from you soon.

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Canine Coaching Give Wellidogs a Helping Hand

On the morning of Monday, 7th December 2015 Canine Coaching will be kindly supporting us by donating time to help exercise our dogs.

The Canine Coaching team get set to help local dog rehome centre


“This year I decided I would do something to help a local rescue centre with the ever increasing number of dogs that find themselves in rescue.

As Canine Coaching, we contacted Lillian of Wellingborough Dog Welfare offering our services for the morning. After checking with the Trustees and Kennel Manager Naomi, they eagerly accepted our offer.

One of the best ways to focus, balance and build a bond with any dog is through structured exercise. Quality exercise forms a crucial part of a dog’s life therefore this is to be the basis of my approach.

On Monday 7th December 2015, Mel, Barbara and I will be supporting this local charity by donating a morning of our time to help exercise the kennel dogs.

Paying it forward in this manner allows me to share my behavioural knowledge to benefit dogs less fortunate than our own.”

Paul Daly, Canine Coaching

Rogues Gallery aka Meet the Volunteers!

Wellidog would not be the same without all the dedicated volunteers who give so much of their free time, and dedication to help all of our dogs find their forever homes.

We are run by some really lovely and loyal volunteers from all over the county… We are a Wellidog family ❤

Every day of the year, in all weathers, we are there to walk, cuddle and play with the dogs in our care. We tirelessly come up with ways to raise money to give our dogs the best possible care… through dog shows, fund-raising days, car-boot sales, auctions and basically anything we can turn our hand to! We often have volunteers doing crazy things to raise sponsorship money like throwing themselves out of planes, or International events like the Waendel Walk.

Not to mention our Wellikids who show just as much dedication, and give up their free time to come and help. We are proud of such care and compassion shown by the next generation of Wellidog volunteers.

So… Let us introduce you to a few of our Volunteers…

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Wellikids – The Next Generation

Animal rescue is all about caring, compassion and dedication and we are so proud of our Wellikids who are our next generation of dog rescuers!

This page is dedicated to our wonderful Wellikids who work very hard for us and our dogs. They are an absolute credit and give up their own free time to come and support us at dog shows as well as the kennels.

Our Wellikids come from all walks of life, with very different backgrounds, and work so well as a team. For their own, and our dogs safety they have to adhere to very strict rules.

We are very proud of our Wellikids and their compassion for our dogs. They turn up to help whether its sunny and warm, or pouring down with rain and bitterly cold. Their commitment is outstanding!

WELLIKIDS ROCK! Continue reading “Wellikids – The Next Generation”

Barclaycard are Back at Wellidog… And They’re on a Mission!

This September saw the return of the Barclaycard Volunteers and they were on a Make-Over Mission 😉

They spent the day dog-walking, decorating our office and the inside kennels; as well as sorting out the food cupboard, weeding, and just generally making everything ship-shape and presentable!

We cannot thank them enough, and neither can Rusty who looked extremely happy and content after the extra long walk they gave him 🙂

RUSTY feeling felaxed and happy after his lovely long walk and kennel make-over
RUSTY feeling felaxed and happy after his lovely long walk and kennel make-over

Thank you Barclaycard for all your hard work… From everyone at Wellidog (and especially Rusty) ❤

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Dog Walkers Needed!

Mick at Work

Renovation to the kennel nearly done.. The dad of Wellidogs working hard 🙂

Waendel Walkers

Thank you to our Volunteers Harriet, Millie, James, Martin, Sam, Pam and Chris who all did the Waendel Walk… with all the money they raised going to the dogs! They took some of our lovely dogs with them and cars were on stand-by for when the dogs got tired… So well done Star, Sarge, Jenna, Lea, Minnie and Monty… The humans couldn’t have done it without you..

Barclays Renovation

We would like to thank Cathy Johnson and Barclays Bank for the support they have given us by raising money for our charity. They have raised money by doing numerous fund raising activities such as the Waendel walk and holding stalls.


The money they have raised has paid for us to line our outdoor kennels with perspex, helping to keep our dogs warmer this winter.


They also have enabled us to bark our walkway. The Barclays team helped with these renovations and also have been coming for the last couple of months to walk our dogs.

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