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Our Supporters


Not only does the lovely Lea make fantastic dog treats, but she also supports our dogs whilst doing it! ❤

Thank you so much Lea and Charlie’s Dogilicious Bakery for your kindness and ongoing support.

Your love and support mean the world to us.


The Northants Dog Training Club are most definitely one of our most loyal supporters. They’ve been helping us for 12 years now!

We cannot tell you how much we appreciate your support. From the bottom of our hearts THANK YOU NDTC


We are always so grateful for the support of the lovely Abi, who holds a charity fundraising day for us every year! She is there for our dogs every step of the way 🙂

Without the support of wonderful people like this we simply could not carry on…

Thank you Abi ❤

Sarah Lott Photography

Wellidog have been extremely lucky to attract some fantastic volunteers and recently Sarah Lott came to give us a hand! This year is our Silver Anniversary and Sarah kindly volunteered to take some pictures of some of our beautiful dogs who have been successfully rehomed over this time.

Luckily for us she enjoyed helping our dogs as much as we do and has ended up taking one home and keeping him. Well done Ted (was Diesel) on finding such a fantastic home with failed fosterers Stu and Sarah 😀

She has also kindly volunteered to keep taking pictures for us, so that we are able to show you their beeeaauuutiful faces ❤ You can find all our dogs looking for homes on our website and on Facebook.

Sarah doesn’t just photograph dogs (although she is very good at it…!); she photographs all sorts of beautiful things. You can follow her work on Facebook where you may even find our beautiful Wellidogs..! Go on; give her a ‘Like’…

Your support is very much appreciated Sarah ❤

Thank you from all of us at Wellidog.


Wow! What can we say…  Our dogs were extremely happy to receive such a fantastic donation from Naturediet. They are going to have a VERY Happy Christmas thanks to their kindness, and support of our charity for which we are so very grateful.

Thank you Naturediet for such a generous donation!
Thank you Naturediet for such a generous donation!

Display Boards UK

We would like to thank Display Boards UK for donating a free table top

Canine Coaching

Where would we be without our supporters? That’s certainly true of Canine Coaching! Paul Daly has given both our dogs, and us, invaluable support; through assessments, coaching, education, training, fund-raising, donations, and raising awareness of our beautiful dogs needing homes 🙂

We consider ourselves extremely lucky that he has chosen to help us, and can’t thank him enough for everything … ❤

If you are looking for help with your dog(s) and need some helpful behavioural advice, opportunities to socialise your dog, guidance, or simply want to understand your dog more, we can’t recommend Canine Coaching enough for a friendly, relaxed and professional approach to dog training.

If you want to know more about Canine Coaching and how they could help you, or if you just want to know more about them, pop along to their website or follow them on Facebook.

Pets At Home

Always there to lend a hand, donate valuable spare time to help, or donate food for our dogs… Pets at Home, Riverside, Northampton have proved themselves to be dedicated Wellidog supporters time and time again.

And we would like to say Thank You ❤

Hogans Hampers

Hogan’s Hampers are a local company based in St. James Mill Road, Northampton. They have kindly donated their beautiful hampers as prizes for the Best in Show and Reserve in Show at our show at Grendon Lakes on 26th June.

Their beautiful hampers may very well be prizes in future events so keep an eye out for our Companion Dog Shows throughout the year.

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