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On the 28th november 2021 the hells angels and northants instigator bikers visited wellidog with a cheque for 500 pound. We are ever so grateful for their support. Over the years they have become loyal supporters of wellidog. Thank you all again

Pooch’s Dog Treats – Christmas Hamper Winners!

How fantastic is this!! We have won a treat hamper in a Facebook Draw for our dogs 😀 Thank you so much to Pooch’s Dog Treats … Our dogs are going to love these!! ❤


Wow! What can we say…  Our dogs were extremely happy to receive such a fantastic donation from Naturediet. They are going to have a VERY Happy Christmas thanks to their kindness, and support of our charity for which we are so very grateful.

Thank you Naturediet for such a generous donation!
Thank you Naturediet for such a generous donation!

DEXTER Spends The Day With Marboo Dogz To Become a TV Star!

Meet ex Wellidog Dexter, lending a paw to Marboo Dogz on a TV set with the cast filming ?????? Shhhhh, we can’t say, but as soon as we can we’ll tell you – Top Secret 😉

If we didn’t know any better we’d believe he was a real police dog! But instead, this is Dexter… who was rescued by Wellidog, and adopted and loved by Linda and Kyra… Who was in a sorry state, quite poorly, skin and bones, and scared of everything (especially other dogs, and even the sound of water going under the drain on the street) 😦 But look at him now!! Isn’t he just a super handsome boy standing tall and proud with other stunning GSD’s (and some quite cute Actors dressed as Policemen too 😉 )

Go Dexter!! ❤ We’re So Proud of You Handsome Boy…

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Our Gorgeous Boy WILL is a TV STAR!

WILL had some very special visitors from the BBC, including Dr Kendal Shepherd!

She believes that with three simple rules you can gain control of your four-legged friend…  Just watch how she got him to lay down for a belly rub within less than an hour of meeting him 🙂

This boy deserves a loving home as much as any other dog…  Watch his TV debut and you’ll see that his bark was definitely much louder than his bite 😉



WILL and JESSIE’s Day at The Beach

There’s nothing better than a little paddle in the Ocean on a summers day…  That is unless you are the lovely Jessie 😉 Will had a FANTASTIC time getting his pawsies wet, but Jessie was having none of that! …although she did have a lovely time just watching the sea at Hunstanton and relaxing away from Kennels for the day ❤

Will on the other hand absolutely LOVED paddling in the sea…  And Ice-Cream! Can you believe that Jessie doesn’t like Ice-Cream? No, neither could we… But their lovely caretakers Josh and Charli did, so nothing went to waste… And what trip to the seaside would be complete without Fish & Chips, which went down well with all of them! …even Lady Jessie 🙂

Our hearts were just bursting seeing these two get out of the kennels for the day and experiencing life ❤ Hopefully one day, they will both meet their special ‘someone’ who will want to share experiences just like this with them…

Look at them… They absolutely loved it ❤ ❤ ❤

OLLIE Makes Some New Friends at Barclaycard Whilst Raising Funds for Wellidog

Many of you may have met OLLIE who is a very handsome Estrellas Mountain Dog, and honorary Wellidog and Fundraising mascot? If you haven’t had the pleasure of cuddling this gorgeous boy yet, he is often spotted winning hearts and sniffing out loving homes for his Wellidog friends with his hardworking and dedicated Mum, Linda (our very own Christmas Cracker) around the county.

On Tuesday (12th April) Linda, Julie and Zena took Ollie to Barclaycard where he got to hang out with one of his football heroes; Cobblers player Paul Corry! He’s been impressed ever since and loving the good weather as he can brush up his ball skills just in case he’s invited again 😉

We cannot thank Barclaycard enough for everything they do to support us. They made us feel extremely welcome and provided us with our own stand for the day. We managed to raise £113.60 which will go towards helping our deserving and very special Valerie, and the costs of her ear operations 🙂 We had such a lovely time and met some equally lovely people.

Thank you for your ongoing kindness, support and hospitality 🙂

With Love and Licks from Ollie and his PR Team; Linda, Julie and Zena ❤

Our Very Own WELLIDOG Stand at Barclaycard
Our Very Own WELLIDOG Stand at Barclaycard

Gemma and Jon’s Iron Run for Wellidog Raises a Whopping £535!

When it comes to fund-raising we quite simply have THE BEST supporters 🙂

Gemma and Jon successfully competed in the Iron Run at the weekend, and finished with (thankfully) no injuries other than a few scrapes and bruises 🙂 and their magnificent effort means they have managed to raise a whopping £535 for Wellidog!


But… For anyone who is wondering why anyone would be crazy enough to put themselves through it, their inspiration is this gorgeous fella here…

BILLY - An ex-Wellidog who inspired Gemma and Jon's Iron Run
BILLY – An ex-Wellidog who inspired Gemma and Jon’s Iron Run

Meet Billy, an ex-Wellidog who went to live with Gemma and Jon temporarily, and never left 🙂

In Gemma’s own words…

“He was so poorly when he was at Wellidog, and scared. Naomi did an amazing job with him and she thought he was going to die. I’d been walking him and I couldn’t leave him – so we fostered him, and the rest is history! Failed fosters!”

We do love our failed foster parents 😉

They have since gone on to foster two other dogs who have been placed with lovely families, and continue to support Wellidog on a daily basis.


DECLAN Finds His Forever Family… AND a Sister Called Zippy

Anyone who had the privilege of meeting the delightful DECLAN will be pleased to know that he has found an absolutely fantastic forever home with Iain, Tracy and Zippy 🙂

We think he fell on his feet here as Tracy is a Canine Hydrotherapist at Moulton College! Anyone who has seen Declan’s videos will know how much he loves water… So maybe fate brought them together 😉

Declan left Wellidog on Saturday and is settling in nicely with his new family. They are getting on amazingly well, with Declan and Zippy even enjoy snuggling on the sofa together! …. All together now… “Awwwwwww” 🙂

Declan with his new sister Zippy
Declan with his new sister Zippy

Good luck in your new home Declan… You’ll be missed ❤

Awww… Look Who Has Her SPARKLE Back :-)

SPARKLE left Wellidog a few days ago and is now settled in her new home 🙂

Her new family had this to say…

“Sparkle is very happy with her new home Sarah and Garry said thank you for such a lovely girl”

Look how happy and relaxed she looks 🙂

Thank you for giving our beautiful girl such a lovely home ❤

DAKOTA has left Wellidog for a Fantastic New Life in Lincoln :-)

Great news everybody… Dakota has left Wellidog today to start a lovely new life in Lincoln with Stan and Scott. This beautiful girl will now know how it feels to be safe and loved…

Thanks to Julie and Joshua and Smith, and Linda Tirebuck for working so hard to find her a home of her own 🙂

Good luck Dakota! We think she looks as happy about it as we are… ❤

DAKOTA is bouncing with joy :-)
DAKOTA is bouncing with joy 🙂

High Five! Or Even Ten!! Meyer has been Adopted :-)

Well, it’s official… MEYER HAS A NEW HOME 🙂

Adoption was completed last night, and although her old family and foster Dad are feeling quite sad, they are also very happy that she has found a lovely new home…

Good luck Meyer from everyone at Wellidog ❤

And thank you to everyone who shared her story and helped find her a new home 🙂

DECLAN has been Reserved! Fantastic News for this Big Hearted Boy :-)

We knew it wouldn’t be long before someone realised what an absolutely gorgeous boy he truly is… Declan may soon be going home to a fantastic new home of his own 🙂

Just a couple more steps and he could be leaving us!

Keep everything crossed for him… We think they are very lucky to find such a truly gorgeous soul…

Good Luck Declan. You’ll be missed by so many of us at Wellidog ❤

Barclaycard are Back at Wellidog… And They’re on a Mission!

This September saw the return of the Barclaycard Volunteers and they were on a Make-Over Mission 😉

They spent the day dog-walking, decorating our office and the inside kennels; as well as sorting out the food cupboard, weeding, and just generally making everything ship-shape and presentable!

We cannot thank them enough, and neither can Rusty who looked extremely happy and content after the extra long walk they gave him 🙂

RUSTY feeling felaxed and happy after his lovely long walk and kennel make-over
RUSTY feeling felaxed and happy after his lovely long walk and kennel make-over

Thank you Barclaycard for all your hard work… From everyone at Wellidog (and especially Rusty) ❤

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EVIE – Has found her forever home :-)

EVIE has left us today for a new life in her fabulous new home. Best of luck beautiful girl…

EVIE - has found her forever home <3
EVIE – has found her forever home ❤

The Search for New Homes has Ended for Ashley & Arthur

We are really happy to tell everyone that we are no longer looking for new homes for Ashley and Arthur…  They are staying where they are with their failed Foster Parents ❤

Thank you 🙂

Rescues Pull Together to Ensure the Safety and Future of Four Horrifically Malnourished Little Boys…

A few days ago we was asked if we could help one of 4 extremely malnourished pups. Not one of us expected to see such forgiving dear little souls on the brink of complete starvation! Many tears have been shed but now with the help and support of 5 different rescues these boys have a much happier future ahead.

Pablo - One of four horrifically malnourished puppies rescued
Pablo – One of four horrifically malnourished puppies rescued

Reds Rescue is currently caring for Pablo, a little boy of approx 9mths old weighing only 6kg! Pablo is quite poorly but he has every chance in the care of Red’s. Once fit and healthy he will be going to Nearly Home Crusaders for re homing.

Pablo - One of four horrifically malnourished puppies rescued
Roman – One of four horrifically malnourished puppies rescued

Animals in Need are caring for Roman, a very sweet boy weighing 6.9kg.  He will do very well in the care of Annie and will be looking for a home once he fighting fit, neutered and vaccinated.

Hugo - One of four horrifically malnourished puppies rescued
Hugo – One of four horrifically malnourished puppies rescued

Here at Wellidog we are caring for Hugo and Buttons. Both boys are in separate foster homes getting the very best care and love. Hugo weighs 6.3kg and Buttons a tiny 5.9kg, the smallest of the 4.

Buttons - One of four horrifically malnourished puppies rescued
Buttons – One of four horrifically malnourished puppies rescued

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Wellidog Van!

“Friends, we have something wonderful to tell you…

You may recall that earlier this month Geri started the process of raising funds to buy us an animal ambulance via Gofundme, and we anticipated that this would happen in early Autumn. Meantime, our wonderful friends at AMS Wellingborough, who support us in so many ways, have donated a van to us! And have undertaken to sponsor it in the future! So, we have stopped the fundraising now, and will use the money so kindly donated by friends and supporters to fit out the van with crates, a ventilation system, and to pay the insurance. We hope that you are all happy for us and how we will use the funds already raised. If not, please let us know and we will refund your donation. This was most unexpected and so greatly appreciated! We are obviously very grateful to the dear boys at AMS, not just for this, but for their continued support. To all those that have donated, many many thanks – the van will be such an asset to our Charity and our dogs x 



Allens Motor Services - Kind Donators of the Wellidog Van
Allens Motor Services – Kind Donators of the Wellidog Van

Ex Wellidog Hector – The Flyball Star!

At the weekend Ex Wellidog Hector achieved his Flyball Dog Intermediate title (1,000 points). What an amazing achievement for Mandy and Hector!

We are all so proud of how hard they have worked. What a team they make!

For those who are not aware of Hector’s story, he was found tied to a bench and abandoned in a local park. Mandy took him on after he had served his time in stray block and just look at him now!

We are sooooo proud of you ❤


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Penny does the Waendel Walk 2015

Our lovely Linda took part in her second day of doing the Waendel Walk but this time with our beautiful Penny!

Penny does the Waendel Walk 2015
Penny makes a new friend on the Waendel Walk 2015

They completed a total of 10.7 miles and both looked like they had lots of fun! Penny made some new friends and even enjoyed an ice cream!

Thank you so much Linda for a wonderful weekend, many miles walked and both Logan and Penny thoroughly enjoyed their time away from kennels!

Penny has now been with us for over a year! Please lets hope her forever home comes soon, she is a fabulous girl!

Penny's Medal
Penny does the Waendel Walk 2015

Logan Wellidog does the Waendel Walk 2015

Logan does the Waendel Walk 2015
Logan does the Waendel Walk 2015

Our wonderful boy Logan joined the lovely Linda Mathia on the Waendel Walk 2015!  What a fantastic job they both did!

Thank you so much Linda for your dedication to our dog’s and to Wellidog’s, you are a true friend!

There is still time to sponsor Logan… You can do so via paypal

Thank you and fingers crossed this special boy finds his forever home very soon 🙂

Logan does the Waendel Walk
Logan does the Waendel Walk

Rob and Zoe Compete in the IRON RUN

Wellidog would like to say Congratulations, and a HUGE thank you to Rob and Zoe who competed in the IRON RUN challenge in aid of Wellingborough Dog Welfare.

They raised over £300 and would like the money to go towards our ‘WELLIDOG VAN’ Appeal!

Well Done to both of you and thank you from all at Wellidogs for your continued support

Ex Wellidog Toby is a Qualified PAT Dog!

This is Peter with ex-Wellidog TOBY who has successfully qualified as a registered PAT (Pets as Therapy) Dog.

Amazing news! We are all so very proud of them… ❤


Minnie is a Good Citizen!

Ex Wellidog Minnie managed to get her Good Citizen Bronze Award at the Mid Herts Gundog Show.

Here she is having a well deserved cuddle with Dad Mick, and showing off her certificate!

Well done Minne ❤

Wellidog Visits Croyland Primary School

We would like to say a huge thank you to Croyland Primary School for allowing Wellidog representatives and Elmo, our Wellidog ambassador, to visit their school.

On 18th September 2014 we went to visit them and give year 3 pupils a talk about our work and animal welfare.  The children were all very well behaved and keen to take part in the discussions.

A special thanks to Mrs Tina Smith for organizing and requesting our visit.

Thank you also to the children, staff and parents/carers for collecting and handing in donations for our wonderful woofers 🙂


Alistair Abseiling for Wellidog

Is it a plane or is it a bird, no it our very own Alistair abseiling to raise money for Wellidog. Madness!

Thank you x

Thank You Pets at Home (Northampton)

Thank you Northampton Branch of Pets at Home for your continuous support.  You are great friends of Wellidog 🙂

Wellingborough Dog Welfare 20 Years Dog Show


To celebrate 20 years of our Charity, we decided to hold an Anniversary Show at Scott Bader – and how successful it was!

We were overwhelmed by the support and the warmth and friendship, and would like to thank everyone involved who played such a part in making it so successful. The weather was extremely kind to us and of course, we were fortunate to be allowed the use of the truly beautiful grounds at Scott Bader.

The Wellingborough Dog Welfare Charity was founded in 1993 by Sue and Sandra with others to try and alleviate the growing problem of stray dogs which were invariably euthanised if unclaimed.

SB20Years2Since then the Charity has grown and a legacy in
2010 meant we were able to modify a building at Country Kennels to house our dogs. Last year it became obvious that we needed dedicated, constant care for our dogs and our volunteer Naomi became our Centre Manager and you only have to look at our happy, healthy dogs to see what a difference that has made.

We are also lucky to have several willing volunteers to help exercise and motivate the dogs and there is not room on this page to thank everyone. But thank you we do!

We also have wonderful foster parents who look after our dogs with such care and many of them now belong to the Failed Foster Mums’ Club, having decided to adopt their charges!

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Wellingborough Houses Raises Money for Wellidog

Thanks to Wellingborough Houses for raising over three hundred pounds for Wellidog! Proudly presenting the cheque are two Wellikids, and happily receiving it is our very own Tim.

Chantelle – You’re a Star!


Thank you to Chantelle who threw herself out of a perfectly good plane to raise much needed funds for Wellidogs..

Its people like you that enables us to help xx


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