we very rarely foster our dogs out, only if they need a major operation or are really not coping in kennels. however there are times like when a dog suddenly needs an operation where we are in desperate need of one. we like them to be short term fosters if we can :).

Fostering is extremely rewarding for both you and the dog. You can help them adjust to a loving home environment and provide basic training ready for them to move on to their forever home.

If you’re thinking about fostering a dog for us you would need to come along to kennels and meet us and our dogs first.

The next step would be a home check by us to make sure that your home is safe and does not pose any risks to your chosen dog. Please don’t be worried about this, but at this stage we know the dogs better than you and can identify any potential risks. Our aim is to keep both our dogs and your family safe, and once you have passed you are welcome to foster a suitable dog.

We will provide food, bedding etc and any help that may be needed until the dog has found their forever home.

You will be expected to keep the Kennel Manager or fellow fosters up-to-date with the dog’s progress. You will also be required to help advertise the dog and help find him/her a suitable home, which will include allowing potential adopters to meet your foster pup at a mutually convenient time.

Fostering can be an emotional roller coaster, but it’s always extremely rewarding when our much loved dogs finally settle into the perfect family and get the love they very much deserve!

We wanted to share with you these comments from our current Foster Mums and Dads…

“We love fostering dogs, seeing them come in from the stray block or handed over because they’re unwanted, and watching their little characters develop. You get to see the change from when they come in to when they leave. Each and every one has different characteristics which makes them special, and so lovable!! It’s a really enjoyable thing to do and it gives the dogs and second chance to be happy!!”

“Fostering allows me to do a more in depth assessment in a home environment and social setting, enforce basic training, manners and ensure that the dog is house trained and settled; improving the dogs chances of a forever home, and any issues that arise can be worked on effectively. It also means that we can suitably match a dog and his/her new home accurately. It is very rewarding and can also be very challenging, but to see the improvements and willingness of the dog, and to see the dog happy in a forever home makes it all worthwhile.”

“Fostering gives the dogs a chance to learn trust, love and boundaries and helps them see that life isn’t too scary. As a fosterer it’s good to know that for a short while you are making a difference to these confused pooches, and you are helping them prepare for their forever homes; giving them the best chance for a happy, secure future.”