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Chantelle – You’re a Star!


Thank you to Chantelle who threw herself out of a perfectly good plane to raise much needed funds for Wellidogs..

Its people like you that enables us to help xx


Geri the Hero

This is Geri with fellow volunteer Faith accepting her community hero award for the volunteering she does for Wellidog.  She is one of our dog fosterers and has taken on some very difficult cases.  Well done Geri from all of us at Wellidog, you did us proud xx

Mick at Work

Renovation to the kennel nearly done.. The dad of Wellidogs working hard 🙂

Waendel Walkers

Thank you to our Volunteers Harriet, Millie, James, Martin, Sam, Pam and Chris who all did the Waendel Walk… with all the money they raised going to the dogs! They took some of our lovely dogs with them and cars were on stand-by for when the dogs got tired… So well done Star, Sarge, Jenna, Lea, Minnie and Monty… The humans couldn’t have done it without you..

Barclays Renovation

We would like to thank Cathy Johnson and Barclays Bank for the support they have given us by raising money for our charity. They have raised money by doing numerous fund raising activities such as the Waendel walk and holding stalls.


The money they have raised has paid for us to line our outdoor kennels with perspex, helping to keep our dogs warmer this winter.


They also have enabled us to bark our walkway. The Barclays team helped with these renovations and also have been coming for the last couple of months to walk our dogs.

Food Run

Food for the lovely Dogs, no Sainsbury or tesco home delivery for us..

Wellidog Vollys Do Crufts

Wellidog’s Volly day out at Crufts. They are supporting our Wellikid Harriet who was nominated for the Shaun McAlpine Outstanding Young Person Award for their their passion and dedication to dogs.

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