To celebrate 20 years of our Charity, we decided to hold an Anniversary Show at Scott Bader – and how successful it was!

We were overwhelmed by the support and the warmth and friendship, and would like to thank everyone involved who played such a part in making it so successful. The weather was extremely kind to us and of course, we were fortunate to be allowed the use of the truly beautiful grounds at Scott Bader.

The Wellingborough Dog Welfare Charity was founded in 1993 by Sue and Sandra with others to try and alleviate the growing problem of stray dogs which were invariably euthanised if unclaimed.

SB20Years2Since then the Charity has grown and a legacy in
2010 meant we were able to modify a building at Country Kennels to house our dogs. Last year it became obvious that we needed dedicated, constant care for our dogs and our volunteer Naomi became our Centre Manager and you only have to look at our happy, healthy dogs to see what a difference that has made.

We are also lucky to have several willing volunteers to help exercise and motivate the dogs and there is not room on this page to thank everyone. But thank you we do!

We also have wonderful foster parents who look after our dogs with such care and many of them now belong to the Failed Foster Mums’ Club, having decided to adopt their charges!

I must also mention our sponsors and supporters, to whom we are eternally grateful. Several people sponsored classes at our Show, which paid for the rosettes so lovingly made by our good friend at H&A Rosettes.

The Show included Agility and Obedience, and a Heelwork to Music workshop held by our friend Annette Leslie. The Breed Judge was Jackie and the Novelty Judge was our Kyle. A dear friend of the Charity, Alister, was kind enough to judge the Wellidog section and he admitted it was a monumental task. Hilda the winsome lurcher won the Best Wellidog title – so richly deserved. Best Rescue was Archie, a lovely Springer boy owned by our volunteer Shannon.

We were all well catered for! Tum Tums provided rolls, hot drinks and yummy cakes [some of which were made by our supporters] and Faith and Geri did a roaring trade with their BBQ.

Sometimes it is very hard work running a Rescue Charity but seeing all those current and ex-Wellidogs in the ring [proudly wearing their Wellidog Rosettes and Bandanas] made it so worthwhile. Certainly, all the Trustees were amazed and delighted at the number of people who supported the Anniversary Show and there was a record number of entries. Thank you once again for your continued support for our events and for our Charity.

A truly lovely day, certainly one to remember.

Paws for thought: ‘If you are meant to have something, it will never pass you by’ – watch this space! We intend to grow in the future, and be in a position to help even more dogs.

Wellidog Hector, Best Male Big Breed (You're lucky you can't see me. I was blubbering with pride) lol
Wellidog Hector, Best Male Big Breed (You’re lucky you can’t see me. I was blubbering with pride) lol

Lilian, August 2013