How many of you remember Simon (who is now called Diesel) who was in such a poor state when he arrived at Wellidog?


DIESEL (was Simon)… An amazing transformation!

Simon left Wellidog to start his new life with his new family (the wonderful Eastwoods) on 28th February 2015. He was under weight with chronic mange as a result of the neglect he had suffered, but he was such a beautiful little soul… so who wouldn’t fall in love with him?

And so, Simon became DIESEL and his life of neglect and suffering was at an end. His new life was now starting with a family who loved him, who were prepared to dedicate the time and care he needed to make him better 🙂

He had lost all of the fur underneath and on his paws, and they tried a number of treatments before they found the right one… But perseverance paid off and his fur has grown back beautifully!

He’s also put on some weight and looks soooo healthy and handsome! Just look at this gorgeous little fella now thanks to the love and support of his new family! ❤

An amazing transformation!


“Diesel settled into our family after a few days and is a loving member of the family. He loves playing , he adores his cuddles and fuss and is great with our children. So glad we found him and he found his forever home x”

(Eastwood Family September, 2015)

DIESEL enjoying his new life… and his first trip to the beach (even though he didn’t think much to getting his paws wet lol)

We are so happy you finally have the life you deserve gorgeous boy ❤