There’s nothing better than a little paddle in the Ocean on a summers day…  That is unless you are the lovely Jessie 😉 Will had a FANTASTIC time getting his pawsies wet, but Jessie was having none of that! …although she did have a lovely time just watching the sea at Hunstanton and relaxing away from Kennels for the day ❤

Will on the other hand absolutely LOVED paddling in the sea…  And Ice-Cream! Can you believe that Jessie doesn’t like Ice-Cream? No, neither could we… But their lovely caretakers Josh and Charli did, so nothing went to waste… And what trip to the seaside would be complete without Fish & Chips, which went down well with all of them! …even Lady Jessie 🙂

Our hearts were just bursting seeing these two get out of the kennels for the day and experiencing life ❤ Hopefully one day, they will both meet their special ‘someone’ who will want to share experiences just like this with them…

Look at them… They absolutely loved it ❤ ❤ ❤