Meet ex Wellidog Dexter, lending a paw to Marboo Dogz on a TV set with the cast filming ?????? Shhhhh, we can’t say, but as soon as we can we’ll tell you – Top Secret 😉

If we didn’t know any better we’d believe he was a real police dog! But instead, this is Dexter… who was rescued by Wellidog, and adopted and loved by Linda and Kyra… Who was in a sorry state, quite poorly, skin and bones, and scared of everything (especially other dogs, and even the sound of water going under the drain on the street) 😦 But look at him now!! Isn’t he just a super handsome boy standing tall and proud with other stunning GSD’s (and some quite cute Actors dressed as Policemen too 😉 )

Go Dexter!! ❤ We’re So Proud of You Handsome Boy…

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