Narla at a glance:

  • Sex: beautiful young lady
  • Breed : Staff x
  • Age: coming up to two years old
  • No other dogs!
  • No cats
  • Children 8+
  • home needed: patient, bull breed experienced with a lot of time to put loads of training in, she won’t be easy to start with

Narla is a beautiful young lady but at present she has had no training whatsoever. She is a very boisterous girl that has no manners and jumps all over people when she is excited to say hello. She is very affectionate, loves to have kisses on her cheek! She is an absolute joy to be around and is such a friendly girl. She is absolutely obsessed with footballs and will play with them all day. She will need a committed home that has had bull breeds before to put in the huge amount of training she will need. She will need someone who is home most of the day and could potentially live with dog savvy children 8+. She hasn’t been socialised much so on walks does pull and likes to chase cars etc but again this is all just about training. She is an anxious girl that hasn’t experience the big world and gets quite anxious in busy places so a home in a quiet area will benefit her. She is a young bright dog who just needs a bit of guidance. She is so people friendly she just needs to learn when to reign it in a bit instead of jumping all over everyone. She really will make someone an amazing companion, she is clever and in the right home will thrive for sure! She is reactive to dogs out on walks and in the garden if she hears people she gets quite stressed. This girl is an anxious girl that needs help to learn what the world is and that it’s not so scary. When settled in a home she loves to settle down and have cuddles.