Cooper at a glance:

  • Age: coming up to two years old
  • Breed: staffy x
  • Sex: handsome young boy
  • No cats
  • No children or visiting children!
  • Can be reactive to dogs on walks, could possibly live with another neutered female who will show him how to behave.
  • Home needed: very experienced willing to work on his issues. No children or visiting children. Strong handler. Calm home no footballs!!

Cooper needs a very dog savvy home where there will be no children or visiting children. He has a few issues that need working on so someone that has the time , patience and commitment and willing to get a trainer out if need be. He is obsessed with footballs and this gets him worked out which can then lead him to lash out and redirect. So a home with no footballs is a must! He needs a calm home that won’t get him riled up as like mentioned before he can redirect and lash out. In the home he is a darling but out on walks he can be a bit of a challenge. He is dog reactive and is strong on the lead so needs a strong handler. He has not been socialised in the past and this is now his way of reacting which can 100% be corrected just needs the right home and possibly a trainer to help. On walks again if he sees footballs he goes mad and just wants the football so again he needs a lot of work outside the home but he is so clever and with time he will get better but that’s what it will need… TIME! He can steal things in the home and guard them, not awfully but will need someone who knows what they are doing to not just go steaming in and take it regardless. He loves his cuddles and belly rubs and will make someone a lovely companion but just needs the training he has missed out on in the critical time of his young life