Eva at a glance:

  • Age: 2 1/2 years old
  • Breed: working border collie
  • Sex: pretty little lady
  • Needs to be the only dog, please don’t enquire if you have a dog
  • No cats
  • Children 12+
  • Someone home most of day
  • Home needed: very very active, agility or flyball. Keep her mind stimulated even at home

Please only enquire if you fit her requirements. Eva is a young working collie so even more high strung, who has failed as a sheepdog. She needs to be the only pet in the house and children 12+. The home we are looking for with Eva is either a home that will do agility or flyball with her or just a very active home. She may never take to either of these but if somebody is willing to give it a good go you never know. She will need to be the only dog as we will not put her back into a similar situation that she came from so please don’t enquire if you have a dog. No cats! Or if somebody walks a lot of miles daily we would possibly consider this. She is toy mad and all she wants to do is play and this girl needs her mind stimulating in some way otherwise she will get bored. She is a working collie and needs stimulation in some way, little brain games. She will need a home where she isn’t going to be left much as again she will get bored and can be a little noisy. She may need a little training and patience within the home. She is treat motivated as well which is positive for training. She does have allergies so may possibly needs steroids during her life but if her food is managed right she may be ok. I don’t think she will be for the faint hearted and needs someone committed for sure but she is such a loving young girl that needs guidance. Everyone who meets her falls in love! She is so so bright and willing to learn. She is so so friendly with people but has the traits of a working collie. Such a bright girl that would make someone an amazing dog

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN EVA PLEASE CALL ON 07561129207, it will be the most suitable home for her!