PLEASE READ THE WHOLE POST BEFORE ENQUIRING. This boy is very nervous and needs an experienced home ideally experienced with nervous dogs!

Gromit at a glance:

  • Sex: handsome little boy
  • Breed: jack russell, possibly cross
  • Age: will be three soon
  • No children or young visiting children
  • no other dogs! Or cats
  • Home needed: calm, patient and committed, no children or other pets. Very secure back garden. Willing to put training in. Youngish and active people because of his nervous ways and how he is on the lead.

This boy is such a nervous young man 😢. His first instinct is to run to the first corner he can and cower and hide and wee himself. Once he knows you he is the most delightful little boy and loves to sit on your lap and have cuddles and kisses. He loves to run about and run after you and run at you full pelt. He absolutely loves his treats and just wants more and more! However this is once he knows you so he will need an experienced owner who ideally has had nervous dogs before to bring him around in all aspects. Because it’s not just the people in the home it’s everybody he gets frightened of and even on walks he is trying to scoot away from his handler and is backwards and forwards tangling you. He won’t get things straight away so he needs someone who will take the time with him and not get frustrated because he won’t do something straight away. He needs lead training as said above as he is all over place at the moment, any little movement and he wants to be off, so a very secure garden needed and a way of keeping him away from front doors when they open. He loves his cuddles once he knows you and will scoot along the floor snuggling into you and giving kisses. He has such a happy face when he knows you, that’s all he needs is time, patience and commitment. So much caution needs to be taken with this boy as his first option at something little is to bolt! He does love his walks and once he is out he does love it but is still zig zagging on the lead and he is a bit frightened of the lead going on