Please think before applying. He will take a lot of training. We will not be taking calls at kennels please find details of how to apply at the bottom of the post

  • Crossbreed, large must already weigh about 30 kg. We were told shepherd x mastiff
  • Best as only dog, reactive
  • Children 12+ if savvy
  • Large breed experience
  • Home most of day

RUFUS- Not to be rehomed in rushden or near surrounding areas.

rufus is a 6/7month old crossbreed. He is supposed to be mastiff x shepherd. Please think before applying for him as he is hard work and is going to need a lot of input. He will be huge and is already so so strong he must weigh 30 kg already. He is very friendly but has not experienced the outside world and any noise people, anything his hackles are up and he is barking. He will need socialisation and this is absolutely crucial otherwise he will turn into a reactive dog. He is very boisterous right now, friendly but boiserous, and needs manners. He will need somebody who is home all day willing to put a lot of training in and commit to him. We do not want him returned because he is hard work! He will need to be an only dog as he needs one to one and is reactive to other dogs so needs work on this as well. Older children as he is so big and boisterous 12+. He loves to run around with a toy but thinks everything is a game right now. He will chew through leads so a chain lead will be needed, house training etc. We are looking for a home with experience with large breeds particularly mastiffs sorts etc. This boy with some training will make an amazing dog he just hasn’t had the input he should have had right now. This is a crucial time in his life. He is so so friendly and we don’t want him to turn the other way. He is a wonderful smiley dog and a typical big puppy. With the right home and somebody willing to train him he will be amazing. He loves to have fuss and his belly rubbed.

Rufus is a typical pupster they aren’t all cute and easy. If you are interested in Rufus please email with:

Why you can offer him the best home
Experience of owning dogs and pups
Children, pets etc
Working hours
A bit about yourself and your location