name: Jack
Breed: labradoodle
Age: 6 months old
Dogs: yes
Children: 5+ if savvy

Active home needed

Please think before applying for Jack, yes he is cute but he is also a BIG puppy who is bouncy and needs training

Jack is a wonderful happy dog, he gets so excited to see people and will jump up even if you go to the toilet and come back it is like you have been gone all day 😆

He loves to play with other dogs but is very full on and boisterous in his play. We would like him to go with another tolerant dog as he just loves to play. He is very affectionate and likes to be close to somebody. Any dog Jack may live with must be neutered!

This boy when old enough would be great at agility… he has so much energy so needs a home that will give him the stimulation he needs

He will need somebody home most of the day. This boy has so much potential and apart from being a puppy he has no bad habits other than being a bit strong on the lead.

He knows his name very well and is very intelligent. He loves to play with toys. He is a big bear, he is a big lad already, bigger than a collie and will have some more growing to do. He may need a bit of house training still, he is still having a few accidents in his foster home.

He will need regular grooming, he is ok with this being done

An amazing dog looking for a 5 star home!

If you are interested in Jack please email with

Why you could offer jack the best home
Other pets, children and working hours
A bit about yourself