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name: brody
Age: 5 months old
Breed: lurcher
Dogs: yes but tolerant ones medium size upwards as he is very full on (any dog must be neutered)

Cats: no
Children: 7 plus
Somebody home most of the day

This boy is one amazing pupster, whoever adopts him will be super duper lucky. He will need continued training, he is very bouncy

He loves to be around people and will happily just chill out by your feet but also is a bit of a loony too, if he is with you he is happy.

He loves to play with toys, squeaky and tennis balls

Oh and he loves a belly rub!

He is a lovely little pup, he will need somebody home most of the day to continue his training. He is not bad at the house training but not fully there. He does jump up for fuss but for a puppy he is just full of energy, loving life and so affectionate

He travels so well in the car

He likes to bring his bowl to you when he is hungry πŸ˜† he is no trouble really at all other than typical puppy behaviour

If you are interested please email

With a bit about yourselves and the home you can offer

You would not regret adopting this beautiful boy. He will grow he will get bigger but just look how cute he is πŸ₯°πŸ₯°