• Breed: we think english bull terrier cross frenchie
  • No young children 15 plus
  • Very friendly and loving
  • Dog savvy home needed
  • Ok with other dogs
  • Reggie needs training and a owner who will not let him get away with things
  • Extremely treat motivated
  • No cats

please note we will not be taking calls at the kennels, please read fully before enquiring

He will do anything for food so this is a huge bonus. He loves everybody his tail is always wagging

He is very friendly with people and loves to be with people, he will bark if he cannot see somebody so a home where he will not be left long periods while his training is ongoing

He loves to run around and play with toys. He is super food motivated so will be easy to train

Reggie will mouth and does not always know when is the time to stop and he will grab leads so this needs training. With a firm but fair owner this will be fixed but he cannot be allowed to get away with it.

He has been fine with other dogs and wants to play. He has the basic training sit etc just needs firm boundaries

This boy in the right home will be amazing, he has so much potential and is very friendly. He will need somebody with a lot of patience.

He is a funny character and he makes us all laugh even with his quirks and he is so handsome 😍 he loves to go for walks and is ok at travelling in the car. He does pull on the lead. He is very solid in his build


With why you could offer reggie the best home
Experience with dogs, working hours
Pets, children etc
A bit about yourself and location

Thank you 😀😀