please note we will not be taking calls re thor at the kennels!

Name: Thor
Breed: Mastiff
Age: 10 weeks old
Dogs: yes, any dogs MUST be neutered!
Children: 6+ if large breed savvy

Thor is a smashing little puppy who will be a joy for the right family. He is very affectionate and loves to snuggle into you for cuddles and kisses. He loves to play with other dogs although is a bit rough and vocal so will need a dog who could tolerate this especially as he gets bigger. He has mad hours then he will crash and sleep

Any dogs he is to live with MUST be neutered!!

He is a typical pup and requires a bit of house training still. He has come so far in the week he has been in foster. He will now try and tell you when he needs to go out but if you miss the signs he will have accidents but he is young and learning.

Thor needs an owner he will respect as he is going to be a big boy and will need set boundaries so we are looking for a home that has had large breeds before

He sleeps all through the night, loves to curl up with you, unless he needs the toilet

He was quite skinny when he came to us so is on 4 meals a day and is putting weight on nicely, he is currently 10kg so he will be a big boy. He travels well in the car

He will need a home with somebody who is home most of the day so they can continue his training and build up the time as he gets older that he would be left, he is going through the puppy chew stage at present

This dog will make somebody a smashing companion and for his age he is just amazing. He is no trouble once he knows boundaries

In the words of the fosterer:

He is a super lad who has so much to offer and will win your heart 💙💙


With why you could offer him the best home, dog experience, children and pets, working hours and a bit about yourself and location