please note we will not be taking calls re nellie at the kennels

Name: Nellie
Breed: spaniel
Age: around 18 months old
Cats: no
Children: no young children, teenagers plus but very dog savvy children

Dogs: she could potentially live with another dog but no dogs smaller than her

When she first came she was so frightened that she would not allow anybody to touch herโ€ฆ fast forward 2/3 weeks and she still has a way to go but is much much improved.. she is fine with most ladies and is great with us she loves nothing more than fuss and cuddles now. She is work in progress with men, she will get there it will just take time, god knows what has happened to her in her past ๐Ÿ˜ช

She is a super duper happy dog and once she bonds and trusts her person, well thats that she will be stuck to you like glue

She is an amazing dog to be around, so clever!! She dives all over you for cuddles once she knows you and loves snugglesโ€ฆ however whoever adopts Nellie MUST let her do things in her own time. Several visits will be needed for the successful home ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

She is extremely food motivated which helps build a trust and bondโ€ฆ oh and she is absolutely football mad!

She is a typical spaniel, hyper and needs her brain stimulatingโ€ฆ she will need an extremely active home. She would make an amazing agility dog or scent dog, she has a great nose!

Nellie has sooo much potential she just needs a patient and understanding home and she will reward you with so much love, affection and some amazing walks


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