Before enquiring about Luna because of her breed/colouring please think about the potential health issues that can come with an English bulldog and especially more so a Merle one. She will also need a lot of training so a committed home is needed

Luna at a glance:

  • sex: beautiful lady
  • Breed: English bulldog
  • children 8+ if dog savvy as she is very boisterous and could knock over
  • No other dogs! is ok out of the house with dogs so far. Cannot live with any
  • No cats!
  • Breed experience ideal
  • home needed: not to be left long (is a chewer), no other pets and ideally breed experienced. A committed home willing to put in work with her!

Luna is such a loving girl and is such a character and makes you smile a lot with her silly ways. She absolutely loves toys but goes through them rather quickly. She has mad five moments where she is a bulldozer, we call her loony tunes. She is going through the chewing phase at the moment so will need someone home most of the day (including after covid) to work on this, she has taken a liking to wires so all things similar will need to be out of reach. She loves her walks but due to her breed gets tired very quickly so isn’t the sort of dog that will be going 8 miles a day, she is a lazy dog when she wants to be! Anyone thinking of enquiring about this beautiful girl needs to think about the serious health issues that can arise with this breed (breathing, hips, knees, eyes etc etc). She is healthy at the moment but you just never know as she gets older. Also she may be a beautiful girl but her colouring can also bring medical issues which also needs to be thought about by any potential owners. She loves her food and treats and is a submissive girl really and when she knows you she gets so excited to see you bouncing all over the place and diving on the floor wanting belly rubs. She needs a bit of work travelling in the car, once she is in she is great its getting her in. She will need continued training especially house training as she is still having a few accidents. She likes to pull on the lead sometimes. She will only be rehomed as a only dog so please do not enquire if you have other pets. The reason her being with us is because of incidents with the other dogs in the home which were caused by Luna, she has no problems so far with dogs out of the home. She really is such an amazing dog who likes to sleep on the bed with you…. as long as you don’t mind snoring as she is very loud. Children will need to be dog savvy as she can be very boisterous in her mad moments and could knock a young child over. We are looking for a breed experienced home (ideally) local to us (due to covid) that know the bulldog ways and traits. No cats! She likes to help with the recycling and loves empty bottles. She needs a safe forever home and once she is in a routine she will improve and her house training has improved since being in foster. She is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. She is such a friendly dog that just loves to be around people, she was a bit worried about the stairs to start with but now races up and down them. She sure will put a smile on your face 🙂 She loves to play with footballs

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN LUNA PLEASE EMAIL with why you think you could offer Luna the best home (what you can offer her), a bit about yourselves, experience with dogs, children, working patterns, location. We will then go through them and will ONLY contact those who we think is most suitable! WE WILL NOT BE TAKING PHONE CALLS RE LUNA SO PLEASE DON’T RING THE KENNELS, IF INTERESTED PLEASE EMAIL!

Please note we can only rehome locally