Belle at a glance:

  • Sex: pretty little lady
  • Age: 4 years old
  • Breed: jr x collie x cairn. She is jr size
  • No cats!
  • Ok with other dogs
  • Children 10+ if savvy
  • Home needed: Mind stimulating and very active home, agility or flyball would be an added positive

Belle is such a little sweetheart but will need people who are very patient and willing to put training in with her. When she sees people she will bark continuously and the same with other dogs. Even with her owners if they go upstairs and come down again she will bark. We are ideally looking for a flyball or agility home for her. Or a home where they will keep her mind stimulated with games and a very active lifestyle, she would happily walk miles. She is a nervous girl with new people but once she knows you and trusts you she bonds very quickly. She likes to jump up and she can jump very high, she likes to jump and be caught. She will need a home where they are willing to get a trainer in to help reign the barking in. Other than that she is a sweet girl who is ball and toy mad. She loves to cuddle up and will either sit on your lap or by your side. She is a little hand shy to start with but soon comes out of her shell.

IF YOU THINK BELLE COULD BE THE DOG FOR YOU PLEASE CONTACT US ON 07561129207 and we will take your interest down. We will then go through all the interests and decide the most suitable home for Belle