• Sex: little boy
  • Age: roughly between 3-5 years old.
  • Breed: we believe a chihuahua x jack russell
  • no other dogs!
  • No cats
  • Children 15+ if very dog savvy
  • Home needed: patient and understanding as he will take time to get used to home life!

Beautiful little toffee has had a hard life up until now with no socialisation at all. He has lived outside in a shed most of his life with no human interaction. He was very scared when he came to us but is now a happy little chap who loves to be with people and have cuddles. We believe he is between 3-5 years old, he is very small likely to be a chihuahua x jack Russell. He is a little pocket rocket and can mouth quite a bit when he is excited so this will need training out of him. He is very very food motivated so this would help with any training. He is going to need a home that has a lot of time and patience as he won’t get things straight away and might be frightened of certain things. He will need house training, this is the reason he was previously kept in a shed! He is a bundle of fun and loves to snuggle up and have cuddles and give kisses, and if you have food on you, well that’s just a bonus. He is not good with other dogs so he will need a home that will accept this and he will get quite focused on them, bark and pull to get towards them. Unfortunately this is probably due to him being shut away and frustrated. He loves to have zoomies so would love a garden to run around in 🥰 he needs a patient home that is willing to put in whatever training he will need. He will certainly give so much love back to whoever adopts him! A home where he will be the only pet and no children (children 15+ who are extremely dog savvy). He is not keen on his nails being cut and can snap out. No cats for this boy and someone home a lot, terrier experience will be preferred. He can freeze on the lead sometimes but with gentle encouragement he will walk on. This boy has come on so far since arriving with us he just needs a new home to take him even further 🥰😍 please ring the kennels if interested and register your interest and we will then go through all the applications 🙂 he will need to adjust to home life so whoever adopts him needs to be prepared for chewing, toileting etc. He just loves his people and his cuddles and will happily sit next to you for ages having cuddles. He is a dog on springer sometimes 😂