How to apply:
We will not be taking calls about Otis at the kennels so please do not ring!! We ask you to email us at wellidog@talktalk.net;
Your name and why you think you could offer Otis the best home
Past experience of owning dogs!
Children, pets, how long he would be left for now and after COVID!

We will then go through applications and only contact those who we think are suitable as we are bound to be inundated and just cannot respond to everybody!

  • Breed: lurcher x Dalmatian
  • Age: 7 months old
  • Sex: handsome young man
  • Good with other dogs
  • No cats!
  • Children 10+
  • Home needed: committed to training now and for the next fifteen years. Active home needed!

So the wonderful Otis πŸ₯°πŸ˜ he is a happy cheeky chap but still naughty which is to be expected with his age. He is a seven month old lurcher x Dalmatian, now yes he is cute but please look past the cuteness and think of the breeds he is (prey drive etc). He is going to be a big boy so please also think about his size. We want Otis to go to an amazing home that will commit to his training and exercise needs and general needs for the next 15 years. He will need a lot of commitment and will test patience but he is a puppy, he is likely to need house training, chewing is likely, he is a bit collar shy at present. Otis is a loveable boy who loves everybody and he actually likes to smile when he meets people. He is all legs at the moment with a lot of growing to do. He loves to play with a toy and will happily amuse himself with one. He is going to need a super active home, maybe not so much now with his age and bones but when he gets older. He needs recall training as he is naughty and comes back to you only to run off and can get a little mouthy. He needs training especially manners training as he jumps up a lot. He is very food motivated so this will help a lot with his training. Puppies aren’t easy so will need patience and commitment. He gets travel sick at present. He is good with other dogs but is very boisterous so if he is to live with another dog he would need one as boisterous and a younger dog who would tolerate him. No cats!!!! He could live with children 10+ if dog savvy. Otis is not just a cute puppy who can get away with what he likes because he is cute otherwise he will become a difficult untrained dog. In the right hands this dog will be absolutely amazing, he is super clever and so willing to learn. He picks things up very quickly but still has that silly puppy brain. He is strong on the lead and is a bit all over the place on the lead. Otis is currently undergoing training to improve his jumping up and he is getting there 😍😁😁. We will give preference to those who have had dalmatians or lurcher or high energy breeds before. Otis will also need someone who is home all the time to continue his training and work his time up so he is able to be left ok. He is such a cutie with his little wire haired face and feet. He can get overexcited and mouth but again this is what any puppy would do he just needs the patience and training to bring this out of him. He is such a loving dog and would make somebody an amazing companion. A dog that is super clever. He loves being outside and going for walks. His basic training isn’t too bad, he will sit, lie down, give paw he will just need a home that when he gets to his teenage stage they will push through it 😁 one amazing dog right there with AMAZING potential. He is very photogenic and loves his picture being taken.

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN OTIS PLEASE EMAIL YOUR APPLICATION TO wellidog@talktalk.net with the above information