we will not be taking calls re Betty

Name: betty
Breed: bulldog
Dogs: no!
Children:8 +

The time has come to find Betty the best forever home. Please note if successful you would be required to visit a few times so she can get used to somebody

This beautiful girl has so much to offer, from cheeky to the most loving dog you could ask for. However Betty is traumatised in a way from her previous life so is going to need a home extremely patient with her to get her past the fears

She loves people but is nervous of new people however once she chooses her people she is extremely loyal and will follow you everywhere, she just likes to be around people. She is not going to need a home that goes for long walks if anything she would just like to be somebodies companion and short walks. One of betty’s fears is walking on a lead, anything around her neck area she hits the floor. She is a bit better off the lead but will need somebody patient who will not force her. If its a dog that will go for long walks you are looking for betty is not the dog for you!

She is absolutely football mad! As soon as a ball comes out she is jumping around like a loony 😆🥎 or any toy actually she loves.

She is going to need time to adjust to home life, house training etc

She is needy but so loving and would happily just fall asleep on you and she gets so happy to see you. She will love somebody so hard and they will be her world 🌍🌍 she would love nothing more than to just snuggle next to you on a sofa for a nap

She is not dog friendly so needs a pet free home! She could live with children 8+ however having known betty for a good few months she would not cope with a home that is loud and busy, a nice quiet, calm household would suit her so much.

Honestly this dog is super special and deserves the very best and will make somebody a wonderful dog but they need to be patient. She would be coming home with me if i could

She has come so far after recovering from her cruciate operation and is a totally different dog since she had that done.

So basically betty needs, love and tlc, patience, companionship and footballs 💗💗


With why you could offer her the best home
Children, pets
Working hours
Bit about yourself, location
Experience with dogs

Thanks 😃