we will not be taking calls re ava at the kennels

Name: ava
Breed: siberian husky
Age: 4 months old
Dogs: she could live with medium size dogs and up, will need a very tolerant dog

Children: older children, 10+
No cats

Ava is a wonderful 4 month old siberian husky who is super intelligent and has come so far in her foster home. She is going to need a active home who either understands this breed or is very dog savvy. In a committed home with a routine she will reach her full potential which will be amazing as she is super clever. She came to us quite nervous and would flinch if you touched her, she is now starting to trust thanks to the amazing work her foster family have done and is coming out of her shell nicely.

She is a fun, bouncy, happy young puppy who likes to run around and play with toys or a squeaky ball. She will need a home who is home most of the day as she can get a bit distressed if left on her own for too long, but this could be built up over time. She is very loving once she knows you and if she is mentally and physically tired she will snooze. She will attach to somebody very quickly and be very loyal to her new owners. Obviously at her age she is still house training but she is trying super hard and has progressed so much and is getting the hang of going in the garden

She must attend training classes and be socialised properly which is essential for any puppy. She loves to run around especially with the fosters teenager, she would be good at cani cross or something like that

Ava being the breed she is may be a challenge like any puppy at this age but once you get her through that she will be an amazing, loyal, cuddly companion for life 💗 we are super proud of how far she has come in such little time.


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