REHOMED πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™


Name: Phil
Breed: staff
Age: 5 years old
Children: 12+
Dogs: he could potentially live with another dog
Cats: no

Phil is such a happy staffy he loves to be around people and have cuddles and lick your face to death. He gets so excited to see people his tail is constantly going. He can get a bit excitable so needs telling to calm down sometimes but he is a nice dog. He pulls on the lead but not terrible and will listen if you tell him, he walks much better on a harness

On walks he just wants to say hello to everybody when people walk past he pulls as he wants to go and say hello. Not a peep out of him in the car but i have had to lift him in or encourage him. He would not cope being left long long hours as he loves to be around people

He will make a wonderful companion for somebody. He is not one for playing with toys so much he would rather be with his people


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